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It is our pleasure to invite you to meet our SAP Mentors at SAP TechEd 2016!

SAP Mentors and SAP TechEd  - great people and a great event, that matches together like … ehm.... like “peas and carrots” (Forrest Gump :razz: ).

But what’s going on this year with the SAP Mentor? What’s the Plan? Where can I find them? What are they doing?

All questions I do try to answer below. Have fun!

What do they do at SAP TechEd?

  • Each year SAP Mentors are not only participants - they do actively contribute to the success of the event as lecturers in Education Sessions, facilitators in Hands-On Workshops, and as hosts at Networking Lounge sessions.

How can I recognize them?

  • They do wear blue or black shirts with a big number and their twitter handle on it.

What does that number mean?

  • Hmmm.. good question..  If you see them, why don’t you ask them what their personal number means?

Where can I find them?

What do I get, if I find them?

  • Well, first of all – you get the chance to talk to great people! SAP Mentors are influencers, great brains, fun people, experts and you will get great answers, great insights, many examples of what these top SAP Community Members do to help customers, partners and also SAP to be more successful.
  • Make sure you take a selfie with them and tweet it out with #catchamentor.

Ahh #catchamentor: will you have a fun challenge this year to get SCN Badges and prices?

Who is who?

  • This year we do expect over 70 SAP Mentors in Las Vegas, and 60 in Barcelona. Stay tuned here – I am going to post a list soon, so you will know in advance if your favorite SAP Mentor is going!

What else?

  • Oh – a lot more. See below some “Mentor Minutes” and see/hear what SAP Mentors share around their upcoming activities with SAP TechEd attendees. (Again, thanks a lot to your SAP Mentors who are always willing to do this kind of stuff and to really live the SAP Mentor Magic in person)
  • Many from our SAP Mentors that have been last year at TechEd will come again. See here more nice videos from last year
  • But one moment – I do also want to see your comments! Who are some SAP Mentors or SCN members you would like to meet at SAP TechEd? Please add your list in the comments below. Or tell us about your experience from the last years! Who of the SAP Mentors did you meet? How was it?
  • We are Celebrating Twenty Years of #SAPTechEd! Share your story and pics
  • you need some prep? No problem - join tonight's community Call!  Sept 12 SAP Community Calls: Getting Ready for SAP TechEd

And now have fun watching the latest “SAP Mentor Minutes”

I am looking forward to see you at the event – until that, please stay tuned here!

Cheers, Kati