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Pre-Madrid Update: The journey continues....we continue our "round-the-globe" jaunt (second SAP TechEd of four) to discover new members for #SCN and to re-energize folks who have not been active in a while. The SCN Community Scouts (see photos below) will be in full force in Madrid. Look for us in our Scout hats, bearing badges and sharing demos of SCN Mobile on our iPads. Want to know how the community can make you more successful, more connected, more passionate? We'll show you.

Look for me - @gailmoody, plus  @jtcarboni (Jeanne Carboni) @dedim (Dedi Meister), @SAPChampions (Mark Markus). and @marilynpratt

We can send you to the SAP TechEd Clubhouse to join SCN, get a personal tour and have a free professional photo taken (800 people did this in Vegas).

We believe SAP TechEd and SAP Community Network are inseparable - one experience totally compliments the other.

Here are other sources of information on the benefits of being active in SCN:

1. our About Us page, with stories from members about the ways they've gained

2. our SAP Tech Ed Live panel from Vegas, with 3 members talking about why membership is an absolute must for them:

Straight Talk from Members on the Power of SAP Community

Gail Moody-Byrd, Senior Director of Marketing for SAP Community Network, and Anita Yuen, Marketing Manager for SAP Community Network host Thomas Dulaney, SAP Basis Architect, ECS | at iLuMiNa Solutions, Raquel Pereira da Cunha, SAP Solution Manager Consultant at Vinit, and Jim Link, Vice President of Business Architecture (SAP Customer)

3. our coming SAP Tech Ed Live panel with 3 more members, with "MORE Straight Talk from Members on the Power of SAP Community"

4. the SAP Community Network pod in the Clubhouse in Madrid

5. I will be walking around with a video camera catching quotes from members, old and new, asking them to share their advice for new members.

See you in Madrid!


The Scouts were everywhere in Vegas - we pinned about 2,500 people  - some newbies, some veterans who agreed to spread the word! Lots of people have not visited the new SCN  - so our mission continues in Madrid in November.

Thank you Jeanne, Gali, Laure, Pat, Krysten and Marilyn for joining our troop and spreading the knowledge.

A few pics of the new and familiar faces we saw:


This will be my sixth SAP TechEd (geez, really?) and I am as excited as ever about the event and the benefits attendees will gain.

The SAP Community Network (SCN) team has a special mission this year that I am really jazzed about – making sure that every person who attends SAP TechEd leaves knowing that the goodness that happens for those four days continues 24x7x365 in SCN. Our mission:

“SAP Community Network is SAP TechEd-to-go!”

This is the official button we are using at SAP TechEd for this program.

How will we achieve this mission at TechEd? We will have Community Scouts (think Russell in Up!)

(Photo credit to )

...who will roam The Venetian to invite new and non-active members to join and participate in SCN. We have cool buttons (the gold button above) to remind attendees to commit to join and participate. And we’ll pay it forward, providing extra buttons for those who have other colleagues they’d like to enroll.

The troop leaders will be anita.yuenblog

For  “SAP Community Network is SAP TechEd-to-go!” , we Community Scouts will:

  • Tell attendees how to keep the TechEd experience alive year round by joining SAP Community Network
  • Encourage them to dive into the Community and become an active contributor.
  • Direct them to the SCN Pod in the Clubhouse, where they can:
    • join SCN and get guided tours, including About Us and Getting Started spaces
    • get a FREE professional headshot photo for their SCN and other Social Media profiles.
    • ask questions about the Community and learn tips and tricks on building their online social media brand.

The Community Scouts will be equipped with iPadsto demo SCN mobile, a sash full of buttons to share, and a compass of directions to the clubhouse, where you’ll find fun, rewarding activities!

So look for us in 10 days at The Venetian and in Madrid in November and

  1. Introduce yourself and your friends
  2. Point others in our direction.
  3. Tell the person next to you in your session how much YOU get from SCN and encourage them to join.

Read the blog "Back By Popular Demand - The Clubhouse" for activities there that I mention above (blog from Jeanne Carboni).

See you there!