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This was a community call, hosted by Chris Kernaghan

Replay recording: SAP Community CallsJuly 11

Title: Innovation Center Network & Machine Learning


1. Intro: SAP Innovation Center Network (ICN)

2. Machine Learning (ML)

3. Q&A, discussion


• Christian Boos – SAP VP and Head of Business Development for Machine Learning Incubation

• Upen Barve – SAP Head of ICN Customer Office

Source: SAP

Overview of innovation center, what is the current excitement

Source: SAP

The above shows the agenda and how to co-innovate

Source: SAP

The mission is shown above

Source: SAP

Look at current trends, relevance

Invest in research – public funded, sponsoring PhD’s

Customer lead innovation with innovative customers

Have go-to market on their side

Focus areas are shown above

Source: SAP

Machine learning is a focus area

Also look at future enterprise applications

Incident management will be automized; what can’t be automized is responsibilities

Source: SAP

How move forward with digital ledger

On the right is smart cities, how cities be taken care of – traffic center – help city mayor make real time decisions

Technology has evolved, management models have not

Source: SAP

Digital banking is a customer led innovation, bring to scale

Source: SAP

HPI investment, digital assistant, virtual

Source: SAP

Collaboration model includes design thinking, proof of concept, pilot, product

Source: SAP

Multi disclipinary teams

Potsdam is innovation center HQ

Design thinking, physical flexible offices

Source: SAP

Locations of SAP Innovation Centers around the world

Source: SAP

Leadership team

Source: SAP

Machine learning; speedboat analogy

Source: SAP

Machine learning at SAPPHIRENOW

Sessions are on YouTube

Link is which takes you to Intelligent Enterprise powered by Machine Learning Services

Source: SAP

Personal assistant is one way of working "smarter"

Source: SAP

Machine learning is teaching  from past learnings, learning and understanding

Prerequisite is having the data

Source: SAP

Automate manual jobs, leave focus times for employees, increased satisfaction

Source: SAP

Train data, apply model to database, capture feedback from users, and retrain model

Powered by HANA Cloud platform; machine learning service on HCP

Customers, partners build their own solutions

Source: SAP

Use cases shown at SAPPHIRENOW

Priority 1 includes invoice matching and social media

Social media customer, working with C4C, taking sentiment from FB/Twitter posts, what is the sentiment from the posts and auto-classify – negative, consultive, and action recommender – dispatch messages to customer service agents

yaaS is Hybris as a service, a simple product recommender

Source: SAP

CV matching is for job recruiting, mentioned in Hasso’s keynote; machine learning screens CV’s and matches with job posting, comes gender-free, doesn’t care about age

Source: SAP

Call for customer co-innovation

Source: SAP

Co-innovation framework; no guarantee of a product

Question & Answer

Q: How can we engage the Innovation Centre to bring customers to you and perhaps see if there is a project which is off interest?

A: covered on the slides

Q:Are there cookbooks for scenarios like “Invoice Matching”?

A: will develop with co-innovation customers

Q: Is there any plan for an course on these topics?

A: coming

Q: How can we engage with you if we think we have interesting customer projects for Co-Innovation

A: contact the speakers of the webcast

Q: Can we get more details on Machine Learning platform

A: HCP; more information; details on YouTube – co-innovation

Q: Most of at least the co-innovation projects are customer specific and one off, how to scale this approach?

A: New ideas for potential machine learning – look at horizontal LoB agile use cases, customer engagement, and industry verticals such as banking is second wave, cross industry; readiness to executive

Q: How does The Innovation Center prioritize the projects that you want to focus on?

A: vertical, horizontal, attractiveness, readiness to execute

Q: will there be Machine Learning content at TechEd in Vegas?

A: Yes; Las Vegas, Barcelona and Bangalore

Las Vegas Machine learning sessions

Q: Does the new HANA capability related to GraphDatabase have an influence on some of the presented innovations?

A: not directly, closer look