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Thanks to this week's guests on SAP TechEd Buzz! “SAP Community and Social Media" hosted by chip.rodgers (@chiprodgers on Twitter)

mark.yolton (SAP Community Network and SAP TechEd as a Community Event) @markyolton

brian.ellefritz (Social Programs at SAP TechEd) @brianellefritz

jon.reed (SAP Mentors at TechEd) @jonerp

jeanne.carboni (SAP TechEd Clubhouse and Community) @jtcarboni

mark.finnern (SAP Mentors at TechEd) @finnern

Considered the “Annual Family Reunion” SAP TechEd is your chance to meet the members of SAP Community Network, including the SAP Mentors and technical experts. Get excited about the power of social networking and learn how to maximize face-time at the event.

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