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Update: There is no piano bar any more in the Palazzo. Let's meet at the main entrance Lalique statue/fountain.

Vegas is known for luring you into it's vices of drinking and gambling. One of their tricks is not having clocks anywhere so you forget time.

Now close your eyes and think about the exact opposite of Vegas and man do we have an event for you: Early bird Wolfpack catches the worm cool Las Vegas morning breeze.

Come join some of the SAP Mentors Wolfpack and SAP executive bjoern.goerke on Wednesday morning for an hour up and down the Las Vegas strip. The pack meets at 5.55am Wednesday morning at the Venetian Piano Bar, in the hope to pick up the last stragglers from the night.

The pack starts the runs at 6am sharp. You are not a mentor?  No points on SCN? You don’t even have an SCN user? No problem , well actually there we draw the line and will have a computer at hand for you to sing up. Kidding, just put on your jogging shoes and run with us.

bjoern.goerke#104 and me #88 almost ready to run! [Picture by martin.gillet]

If you have wear an old TechEd Speaker - , SDN Day- , Community Day - shirt, just not all on top of each other. Extra bonus points for everyone who busts out the original SDN shirt from 2003 designed by jeffrey.word, the grey one with code on the back.

[Update: Above Picture is the back of the original SAP Community Network shirt by jeffrey.word]

Here is another classic designed by jodi.fleischman with hat tip to the 70s Atari look.

[Picture by Oliver Kohl]

Please fill out this Run With The Pack sign up form so that we know whether to inform casino security 😉

I want to stress, that this is not an official SAP TechEd event. If you trip, we will help you up, but we or SAP are not responsible or reliable. Sorry you run at your own risk.

Also there will be no attempts at breaking any miracle mile. Leisurely pace, at least mine will be. If we are enough runners, may split up into groups and you always have the chance to drift back into a casino and  their slot machines 😉

Persistent rumors has it that the chorus to We Will Rock Youfrom Queen will be sung while running as a practice to the upcoming Band performance that very evening shortly after 6pm at the SCN Clubhouse theater. I can assure you that we may or may not do that 😉

One thing is for sure, we are looking for a drummer to complete our Jam Band and if you love to do the Bum Bum Chuck Bum Bum Chuck of We Will Rock You, please ping me. Rehearsal is late Monday night and performance on Wednesday evening. To have a drummer would make our day.