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Community Administrator
Community Administrator
SAP TechEd kicks off on September 24 -- meaning we're weeks away from landing in Las Vegas!

The Developer & Community Relations team will once again have a huge presence at SAP TechEd, and while we may not be the biggest thing in Vegas, we'll definitely be one of the hottest things on the show floor.

We're bringing back the Developer Garage (and, yes, that includes a dedicated area just for SAP Community) with all the cool stuff from years past -- but we're expanding with even more educational and entertainment offerings.

The AppSpace will provide hands-on training that you can take at your own pace, and as you make progress, you'll be able to earn prizes. The CodeJam sessions will also provide hands-on training -- but under the guidance of an instructor during a one-hour course. And the 30-minute Code Review trainings will teach tips and tricks for coding best practices. On top of that, the Lightning Talks will deliver additional quick opportunities to grow your knowledge.

Other SAP teams will also be joining us in the Developer Garage area to share their expertise with you. Colleagues from SAP Learning Hub will be on hand to chat about their program, along with openSAP instructors who will talk about their courses and certification, and representatives from the App Center will be available to discuss their platform and how your solutions might be a fit. The newly added Open Source Bar will feature some of the projects we have open sourced, plus representatives from partners Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple will tell their SAP integration stories -- in dedicated booths where they'll offer demos and/or training to show how our technologies work together.

And that brings me to my pride and joy: the Community Lounge, home of my team, but more importantly a place for all of you to call home while at the event.

As with the rest of the Developer Garage, the Community Lounge will be full of learning opportunities. The SAP Runs SAP area will demonstrate the forward-thinking ways that SAP is implementing its own innovative solutions internally. The SAP Community theater will feature more than forty Community Innovation Talks -- 20-minute sessions from the SAP Community members who submitted proposals -- making it the perfect place to connect with and learn from your community peers.

Looking for other ways to interact with members on-site? The Community Lounge will include a discussion area adjacent to the theater (where speakers can meet with attendees after their Community Innovation Talks), meetups that encourage members to get together to discuss different topics, and a content expert area where people can book 30-minute unconferences to cover a variety of subjects informally. And if you want guidance on how to learn even more, SAP Technology Ambassadors will be there to recommend content for your consideration.

In addition, I'll be there with members of the Community & Influencers team, and we want to talk to you about the community! We'll also have a section in our lounge just for our social media teammates, who will be looking to chat with members about their SAP Community and TechEd experiences -- to get videos clips for our social channels. They're already planning to interview scholarship winners and SAP Champions, and they'd love to talk to you too!

If all of that activity has you feeling run down, not to worry: We'll have recharge stations for your hardware -- and for you -- so you can chill out and re-energize everything. Plus, we're bringing back some of the fun stations from previous shows. We'll have an artist sketching a wall-sized mural to illustrate key highlights of the show, and you can help provide inspiration by contributing and giving feedback. We'll also have a photographer taking headshot photos again -- so if you're looking to update your SAP Community profile avatar, you'll want to put on a happy face and stop by for a picture.

Struggling with your happy face? Did I mention we'll have puppies? (And, no, before you rush to make a snide comment below, that doesn't mean SAP Community has gone to the dogs...although you'll find no shortage of dog lovers around here.) A local organisation will be with us with a space for service dogs, so if the show gets to be a bit too overwhelming, come by the Community Lounge for a break with the pooches.

If you're still not convinced you should stop by the Developer Garage, then look for more posts in the coming weeks, as we provide more details about the various features of our floor space at SAP TechEd. We may even have a few more surprises to announce before September 24.

And if you haven't made plans yet to attend SAP TechEd...what are you waiting for? Register now. The Developer Garage alone is worth the price of admission!