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Community Advocate

Data management and data warehousing are closely related domains in every IT organization. Learn how these services can converge in the future into a harmonized offering.

Watch the replay: The Future of Data Management and Data Warehousing
and check out Q&A from the lecture, listed below.

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Questions & Answers:

Is your ambition to bring Data Intelligence Cloud closer to Data Warehouse Cloud? If so, is there any documented roadmap on this work?
Yes we will bring it closer together. Already today you see within SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Dataflow features which leverages SAP Data Intelligence capabilities. We now launched the One data catalog in Beta and will closer integrate with SAP Data Intelligence going forward. We will update the roadmap in 2023 with further integration steps.

How will Core Data Services play role going forward in S4 for analytics instead of Data warehouse?
CDS is not replacing a Data warehouse. It offers strong modelling capabilities within S4 and gets further investments. Nevertheless if you want to implement a Data warehouse on top of an S4 and combine it with different data assets we closely integrate for meta data reuse and for extraction to leverage the value of S4 cds within your SAP Data Warehouse.

How are you looking at segregating reporting on S/4 Embedded analytics, BW and DWC?
Both will have their place going forward the embedded BW as well as separated Data Warehouse Cloud. Basically whenever you want to join external data with your S/4 data or keep more history for analytics, but you archive your S/4 data older than 2 years. Those are typical use cases for standalone Data Warehouse systems.

How can SAP ERP financial data be accessed from non-SAP Enterprise Data warehouse live without replication?
ERP Financial Data on premise are currently accessed via the ODP adapter, ODP has limitations in it's capabilities, that hinder a performant federated access. An access to the HANA layer, of the data is a lot better suited for federated access. If HANA is not possible, leverage the view and/or table (incl. real time) caching functionality to accelerate the reporting.

Can organizations split cost on basis of Spaces?
Yes, customers are already doing this to split costs based on assigned resources to Spaces across their company internal users/departments. The information is available in the system and you can build your own analytics on top of it.

Since integration to DWC is been made easier (clive, sap, nonsap, etc) will there be continued investment in S4 embedded analytics? Will operational reporting also move to dwc entirely ?
Both have their purpose. Operational analytics inside S/4 is great for real-time analytics on your transactional system. When you want to mix in more and more external data, or also have more historical data than your S/4 system keeps, then you have very good use cases for stand-alone systems like SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

What's is the difference between HANA Cloud VS Data warehouse Cloud?
SAP HANA Cloud is a DBaaS, DWC is a Data Warehouse service in the cloud that leverages HANA Cloud, but fully managed for you. DWC addresses more personas, especially on the business side, it has a simplified UI, it has no-code and low-code options, You can design higher level objects in the business layer. HANA Cloud is more tech developer focussed with deep coding experience and database skills.

What is the difference between data cataloging and MDG?
Data catalogs will store meta data information, lineage information etc for an enterprise. MDG is a solution ensuring that enterprise rules are applied to ensure that a company's enterprise master data is created with a high quality meeting your enterprise standards for this. They are complementary solutions for different use cases.

What devop capabilities are available for data engineering for building and promoting data pipelines?
If you are asking about CI/CD best practices for developers to be able to design pipelines then move them across dev, QA, and pro tenants please review" and our details Git and CI/CD information :

What is the future of ABAP investment from BW/4 hana to SAP DWC via Bridge?
The ABAP investments in the loading and staging of BW/4 can be moved to DWC BW Bridge. There are some limitation about non available modules, that might be available on full stack NW. Both products will be further enhanced in the future.