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      The tenth anniversary of DemoJam was celebrated in a grand way at SAP TechEd && d-code this past week in Berlin. Berlin DemoJam goers got the chance to witness seven live entertaining demos, all of which were unique and full of creativity.


      Michael Weisz, Stephan Schultz and their team experienced a double win at Berlin by winning both the InnoJam and DemoJam. The IT-Systems Engineering students from the Hasso Plattner Institute created an application, Remote Farming, that provided the possibility to plant, water, fertilize and harvest your own plants in real life from the convenience of your own mobile device. Remote Farming enables its users to monitor the growth of their plants by checking live sensor data and even lets them watch the plants grow using a webcam. The IT-Systems Engineering students had 24 hours to create the application and the demo for Remote Farming.  Despite having such little time, the students managed to pull forth such a great idea which eventually led to their win.


If by any chance you missed the show, here is a quick recap of the night:

  • Tomer Steinberg kicked off DemoJam Berlin 2014 by demoing Run Your City Safer with SAP InfinteInsight. Steinberg presented a solution that will help police forces operate more effectively by predicting the location and time of when a future crime is likely to occur. With these predictions, it allows for police forces to be at the right place at the right time with the appropriate resources. The demo runs on SAP HANA, SAP Data Services Software, SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions, SAP InfiniteInsight, and Esri Integration for SAP BusinessObjects. Watch Demo

  • Next up were Leo van Hengel and Twan van den Broek who demoed Care-MIT: A Marketplace Where Care Points Can Be Exchanged for Care. Care-MIT is a social marketplace where you can earn Care Points by providing care to others and the points earned can be exchanged to give care to the ones you love when you aren’t able to do so yourself.  This unique concept that urges people to become voluntarily caregivers was built in the SAP HANA Cloud Platform with a SAPUI5 screen. Watch Demo

  • Ronald Kleijn and Peter Cobee demoed Augmented Lost and Found, a new approach to a lost-and-found solution for a railway company. This interactive mobile solution runs on the power of SAP HANA and other SAP and non-SAP technologies. Watch Demo

  • Next up were Nic Doodson and Will Powell who demoed a different approach on how a customer thinks when buying anything. The “New Wave” Dimension of Omnichannel E-Commerce gives customers a realistic virtual feel of a product that they want to buy by analyzing their emotional response to a product. Doodson and Powell designed and manufactured their own virtual reality brain-sensing headset that tracked the emotional responses of customers on their overall product experience. The brain-sensing headset has immense possibilities for analyzing end-to-end experience and improving the design of any product which opens up a whole new world of possibilities for customer relationship management insight.  This demo runs on SAP HANA Cloud Platform combining it with virtual reality brainwave sensing. Watch Demo

  • Heiko Maurer and Andreas Rotaru, Natural Catastrophe in Insurance – Get a Grip on Geo Data, demoed an interactive solution for insurance companies to easily get insight into their own exposure and the financial risk in case of a natural hazard, based on geocoded risk and weather data.  The demo which runs on SAP HANA can leverage a variety of information from different origins in one application to help insurers making the most of their data. Watch Demo

  • The last demo of the night was presented by Dirk Ras and Craig Haworth who demoed Business in Your Pockets (BiYP).  BiYP is a solution created for small and midsize businesses to help them become more sustainable. BiYP uses a telco as a cloud service provider and a smartphone to help run a business from efficiently. BiYP can add new customers to the system by using voice-to-text technology, create an automatic quotation using the description provided by the customer, and perform smart scheduling by using the customer’s location and the service provider’s calendar. BiYP is built on SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud Service, the front end is based on SAP Fiori UX design principles and SAP HANA provides real-time analytics.  Watch Demo

Both of the DemoJams in 2014 showcased amazing, creative and entertaining demos and I can’t wait to see what DemoJam Bangalore has to offer next year.