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SAP TechEd is a unique opportunity to learn best practices, get hands-on technical training, experience interactive demos and it is the perfect place to touch, play with and learn about SAP technologies.

I am thrilled to be applying for SAP Teched 2018 Explorer Scholarship. I have never been in Teched before and i always watched recaps every year after event.This year i need to look closer what's new, get answers about road maps, look at all new solutions and technologies on site. My focus is on learning, networking, training and education.

Here is my reasons why i need to attend sap teched 2018:

The event is packed full of great content and such an awesome line up of speakers.
Planning to attend strategy talks, hear about what's next from executives.

Learn Stuff
SAP Innovation never stops! In this big show, i need to learn and get the latest on SAP solutions, strategy and development. Insight into current product road maps and find answers to my questions.Plus, the opportunity to discuss future product functionality. 

Gain perspective
In my last experience, i had a chance to work in a company which was having a really huge sap landscape transformation. This conference will also gives me a chance to for learning about how other companies and approach their transformation projects.

Meet new people
Networking is another huge part of why i need to attend SAP Teched.
I will get the chance to meet like-minded people in my profession.

SAP is partnering with well-known tech giants like Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft, and SAP TechEd brings these collected ecosystems together. This conference will also give me a chance to deep dive into ecosystem.

Long story short, I would love to be be part of SAP Teched 2018.
Hope to see you there!

P.S: Yes i am camera shy person and more practicing didn’t work. I had a lot of research about this and there is not currently a scientifically verified way to overcome camera shyness 🙂