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The @ASUG_Ontario and @SAPVancouver teams are now ON-SITE in Las Vegas ready to run another #CanuckHunt (3.0) and #MadeInCanada contest at #SAPTechEd.

This Twitter-contest is open to EVERYONE attending #SAPTechEd, and the Rules are SIMPLE -

1.) If you are a Canadian find one our crew to get a tag for your badge. *(You can also get them at the @ASUG365 and @APOS_Systems booths on the Show Floor)

2.) Also, come by the ASUG Lounge on the show-floor during the Networking-Reception Hours, and you will also be able to pick-up a Canada Beer-Bottle Cozy.


3.) For all Players/Hunters - when you spot someone with a Maple Leaf sticker on their Conference Badge, Tweet a Pic of them with the #CanuckHunt, #MadeInCanada and #SAPTechEd tags - and we will keep track of your points on-line.

                                             1 Point  



                   2 Points

                 6 Points

REMEMBER : The more Canadians you find, the more #CanuckHunt and #MadeInCanada points you earn - and the closer you will be to our "All Canadian Gift Pack", and a year's worth of bragging rights.

Join in and have fun with the #CanuckHunt  at #SAPTechEd in Las Vegas as we work together to grow the SAP and ASUG Community in the "Great White North".