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Community Manager

At SAP TechEd in Las Vegas, we gave attendees the opportunity to set up "unconference" meetups in the Community Lounge -- and we plan to do the same in Barcelona.

What's an unconference? I'm glad you asked! An unconference allows you to talk about just any topic that appeals to you -- with people who also find that topic interesting. In the case of the Community Lounge unconference meetups, you pick a date and time during SAP TechEd Barcelona (October 8, 9, or 10) and choose a topic, and if that slot is free (and the topic is appropriate), we'll put you on the schedule.

What's an appropriate topic? I'm glad you have so many questions! (Inquisitive minds are perfect for unconferences.) Well...just about anything within reason. Check out this post about the Vegas unconferences -- so you can see some of the topics that were covered (and you can learn a bit more about the unconference concept).

Each unconference meetup lasts 30 minutes at a table that can accommodate about a half-dozen people -- although if more people show up, and they don't mind standing, that's fine too. That's what's great about unconferences: they're an informal way for people to connect and chat about the things that matter to them.

I'll be at the meetup desk in Barcelona, so if you want to schedule something, come by the Community Lounge (found in the Developer Garage section of the show floor) and see me. Once you secure your slot, I'll put your unconference into the agenda builder (as a meetup session) for SAP TechEd Barcelona, so other people can see when your meetup will occur (and stop by to talk to you). To access the agenda builder, go to the SAP TechEd Barcelona site and select "My Agenda" from the "Learn" dropdown menu. You can also find the meetup sessions via the SAP TechEd mobile app.

In addition, I hope to have a nifty whiteboard at the desk in Barcelona -- so I can write down the upcoming sessions for all attendees to see. Just check out the cool one that my colleague oddss maintained in Vegas. I'd like one too...even though my penmanship ain't so great.

Finally, I'll maintain the schedule in this blog post. In fact, let's get things started before Barcelona. Have an idea for an unconference meetup? Then leave a comment to this blog post proposing a topic, date, and time. You can also follow me, I'll follow you back, and we can discuss your proposal via direct messages.

Day One Time Slot  Meetup Lounge 4 Meetup Lounge 5 Meetup Lounge 6 Meetup Lounge 7
Tuesday, October 8 11:30
Tuesday, October 8 12:00
Tuesday, October 8 12:30
Tuesday, October 8 13:00
Tuesday, October 8 13:30
Tuesday, October 8 14:00
Tuesday, October 8 14:30

Next-Level IT – How IT Can Help to Transform Your Company

Tuesday, October 8 15:00

How to Organize an SAP Inside Track for the First Time

Tuesday, October 8 15:30
Tuesday, October 8 16:00

Scaling SAP CPI to Run Your Mission-Critical Integrations

Tuesday, October 8 16:30
Tuesday, October 8 17:00
Tuesday, October 8 17:30
Tuesday, October 8 18:00


Day Two Time Slot  Meetup Lounge 4 Meetup Lounge 5 Meetup Lounge 6 Meetup Lounge 7
Wednesday, October 9 9:30

How to Learn New Technologies and Grow as a Software Developer

Wednesday, October 9 10:00

Balancing SAP Community, Work, and Personal Life

Wednesday, October 9 10:30
Wednesday, October 9 11:00

How to Run Groovy Scripts Faster for SAP CPI Integration

Wednesday, October 9 11:30

Technical Debt - Tips & Tricks for Transformation

Wednesday, October 9 12:00

A Central Repository for SAPUI5 Tooling Custom Middleware + Tasks

Wednesday, October 9 12:30

Handling Project Killers with Design Thinking - Optimize Communication

Wednesday, October 9 13:00
Wednesday, October 9 13:30

SAP Community open source projects

Wednesday, October 9 14:00

Fundamental Libraries: Fiori 3 Applications in "Native" Angular, React, or Vue.js

Wednesday, October 9 14:30

Next-Level IT – How IT Can Help to Transform Your Company

Wednesday, October 9 15:00

Building a Local SAP Community in Barcelona

Wednesday, October 9 15:30
Wednesday, October 9 16:00

Set Talent into Motion with Emotion -- Meetup Following Community Talk

Wednesday, October 9 16:30

SAP HANA Maintenance/ Lifecycle / Upgrade from SAP HANA 1.0 to 2.0 and How to Optimize It


What Can SAP and Their Customers Do to Keep the Core Clean?

Wednesday, October 9 17:00

Clean Code / Clean ABAP




Day Three Time Slot  Meetup Lounge 4 Meetup Lounge 5 Meetup Lounge 6 Meetup Lounge 7
Thursday, October 10 9:30

Let‘s Talk Climate Science to End Climate Silence

Thursday, October 10 10:00

Open forum to discuss SAP Community with the head of the community

Thursday, October 10 10:30

SAP Cloud Platform: Customer Use Cases for Beginners

Thursday, October 10 11:00

ABAP SDK for IBM Watson – an Open Source Project


SAP Enterprise Threat Detection User Group

Daniel Vander Putten

Thursday, October 10 11:30

Let’s Talk About Your Login

Thursday, October 10 12:00

How to Livestream a Community Event, to Reach a Bigger Audience

Thursday, October 10 12:30
Thursday, October 10 13:00

SAP Community -- How It Works and What Is Your Vision

Thursday, October 10 13:30

Extending ABAP in Eclipse


Thursday, October 10 14:00

Next-Level IT – How IT Can Help to Transform Your Company

Thursday, October 10 14:30

SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory

Ina Ivanova

Digital Heroes Are Everywhere

Vanessa Frank

Thursday, October 10 15:00

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Thursday, October 10 15:30
Thursday, October 10 16:00
Thursday, October 10 16:30
Thursday, October 10 17:00
Thursday, October 10 17:30
Thursday, October 10 18:00

I'm looking forward to seeing you in Barcelona -- and helping you participate in the unconferences. Not registered for SAP TechEd yet? There's still time!