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Sergey Dunaev is SAP Practice Lead at Severstal, a Russian steel company. While he has attended other SAP events in the past – such as SAPPHIRE NOW and SAP Forums – this was his first time at an SAP TechEd event. When asked what sets this event apart from other SAP events, Sergey found that rather than high-level discussions just covering ideas and future plans, the meetings he was involved with were “very exact, very precise” with people presenting real results.

But Sergey wasn’t in Amsterdam just as an attendee; he was at SAP TechEd to conduct an Expert Networking session entitled New Technology and Best Practices to Improve Training and Reduce Costs, which focused on SAP User Experience Management by Knoa, a solution available from SAP Education. Severstal’s was the first implementation in Russia for this solution, and as there were several attendees at the sessions who also hailed from Russian companies, interest was high among his countrymen. But he was pleased to hear customers from other countries sharing similar views and asking similar questions, which made him realize how universal many experiences were.

As the SAP Practice lead at his company, Sergey would surely agree that sharing experiences and trading views among peers is a key part of perfecting the art of project implementation. Hands-on experience and knowledge transfer does indeed help practice make perfect.

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