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Make plans to join SAP in Las Vegas from October 21-25 for the premier technical conference of the year and join the SAP Big Data conversation.  SAP has lined up experts, customers and partners to share with you how to stack the odds in your favor when dealing with Big Data.  What can you expect?


  • Top-notch keynotes.  Attendees look forward every year to the TechEd keynote sessions.  TechEd 2013 will not disappoint.  We are excited to be bringing Nate Silver to the stage.  Mr. Silver is an American statistican and writer who gained fame through analyzing data on baseball players and elections.  Our very own Vishal Sikka will share his innovative vision for the future of SAP on Tuesday morning as well.
  • Sessions, sessions and more sessions!  Right now, we have 99 sessions tagged with a Big Data focus.  Wow, that’s a bunch of slides!  But it is way more than slides—some of the premier internal thought leaders at SAP are driving those sessions, along with partners and even customers like Medtronic, Verizon and others will share their story. As you build your agenda select Big Data as a “Hot Topic” to help you find the Big Data
    sessions you need.
  • Hands-on.  We know that seeing is believing, so we have a Big Data table in the Database & Technology showcase area to give insight into to the technologies driving SAP’s Big Data approach.  Of course you will find HANA at the Big Data table, along with Hadoop , SAP Data Services, geospatial and much more!  You can find the SAP Big Data table in the Technology Showcase area of the TechEd conference exhibition floor. And, at some of the neighboring tables you can see Big Data in action with other SAP offerings including: HANA, SAP Sybase IQ, Lumira, predictive analytics, sentiment intelligence and much more!
  • Networking. The key to any great conference is finding out what your peers (and even competitors) are doing.  TechEd is designed to enhance that experience. We have lots of options to learn from the experts, we are planning an expert networking session on SAP and Hadoop for Big Data  Results that you won’t want to miss. 
  • Roadmap. As technical connoisseurs, we know having a firm grasp of where the technology is going is key, so we are ready to equip you with all you need to know about the future of SAP technologies and Big Data.     

And when your brain can’t possibly take one more byte of information—don’t forget, you are in Vegas after all!  To close the week SAP is bringing in a “radioactive” band, Imagine Dragons, and you won’t want to miss them. 

By the end of your week at TechEd, you will have the insight needed to guide your Big Data project and see how working with  SAP will make it a sure thing.   Hope to see you there!