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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

You may have noticed that over the last few months, we have had a call out for you, the SAP Community, to nominate your Developer Heroes for 2017. What is a Developer Hero? Well here’s a reminder…

Developer Hero is someone who has achieved one or more of the following:

  • Blogs on SCN or other media

  • Has created a showcase/dev work or is doing something innovative

  • Helps the developer community

  • Must be knowledgeable about one or more areas of SAP

Thank you for all your nominations. We are excited to present our 2017 Developer Heroes:


 Damir Majer  @majcon  Building ABAP community
 Christian Drumm  @ceedee666  Building ABAP community
 Emanuele Ricci  @StErMi  Actively supporting the UI5 community
 Enno Wulff  @ennowulff  Sharing knowledge with the developer community
 Fabian Lehmann  @fablehmann  Evangelizing SAP Cloud Platform
 Ingo Hilgefort  @ihilgefort  Building innovative solutions
 José Nunes  @jrnunes  Supporting and mentoring developers
 Lars Hvam Petersen  @LarsHvam  Creating ABAP open source projects
 Paul Modderman  @PaulModderman  Inspiring innovations among developers
 Robert Russell  @rjruss  Evangelizing SAP
 Wouter Lemaire  @wouter_lemaire  Helping to build the SAP Web IDE community
 Fabio Pagoti  @fabiopagoti  Sharing SAP knowledge
 Michał Majer  @MichalMajerSAP  Sharing knowledge and building community
 Beata Mazalova  Building and supporting the developer community
 Carolina Martinez  @caritomj1991  Developing creative solutions
 Abdulbasıt Gülşen  @abdulbasitg  Sharing knowledge and building community
 Volker Buzek  @vobu  Pushing UI5 boundaries
 Marina Pontjakova  @MPontjakova  Developing creative solutions
 Kinga Moska  @KingaMoska  Building and supporting the developer community
 Tarun Bahal  @TarunBahal  Creating innovative solutions


We can’t thank them enough for their dedication, enthusiasm and inspiration!

To celebrate our 20 2017 Developer Heroes we have created banner signs that are now visible around SAP TechEd Las Vegas, Bangalore & Barcelona. If you are not in Vegas this week, you can check a few of them out here below.

If you see our Developer Heroes in person at a SAP TechEd this year please take a selfie with them and tweet #SAPTechEd #DevHero. Also take the time to connect with them and find our more about them, as its good to connect and you never know what will happen… Last year two Developer Heroes met up and to cut a long story short, now work together!




Have a great SAP TechEd everyone!