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This episode of ‘On the way to…’ is brought to you by Wawa. Because that’s where I stopped on the way to PHL to get a hoagie and a bag of chips to eat on the plane yesterday.

As for TechEd 2015, I’m quite curious to see where SAP is going to go with announcements and product positioning this year. I’m sure we’re going to hear about S4/HANA, as well as the official ‘conference launch’ of Project Orca (Analytics in the HCP). The latter does pique my interest, so depending on the launch and my overall interest, I may write another blog or two on it!

First, some Housekeeping notes- sometimes a friendly reminder is needed that BI & Analytics really span the gamut from SAP ERP/HANA backend to non-SAP datasources. I live in a non-SAP datasource world right now, but who knows where the future takes me- or the SAP BI stack!! Don’t be so focused on what datasources are, but what the tools can do first. You can connect to every data source in the known universe, but if your funcationality is subpar- you’ve got big problems. (Hmmm, I may just need to write a blog on that, too!)

And onto the main event- some session picks for this year’s SAP TechEd Las Vegas!

BA100: Enterprise Analytics Track Overview
- This is the first time I’ve noticed this kind of session on the agenda and I think it’s a brilliant idea! Sometimes folks are either overwhelmed or just curious as to the various analytics sessions that are available to them. Sukumar should do a great job guiding you towards what sessions are going to maximize your TechEd attendance dollars!

BA102: Overview of the What, Why, and How of Analytics from SAP in the Cloud
- I know, I know- another Christina Obry session. But it’s hard to not recommend her sessions! With the Project Orca announcements and other cloud movement, I’m curious to hear how SAP is positioning its BI/Analytics offerings.

BA 268: Learn Best Practices, Tips, and Tricks for Upgrading from XI3 to BI4
- Some folks are just getting started with their journey to BI4. It’s a different world and I recommend taking in all of the information possible to plan your migration. (Plus, I’m the SAP Mentor ‘assistant’ in the room, so you get the bonus of watching me run around the room triaging questions for the presenters!