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Well, TechEd Las Vegas is done already, which means Barcelona is just around the corner! It will be my first trip to Barcelona for TechEd and that means I'll be on the scene for our Open Source Bar. If you missed my previous blog post about the Open Source Bar, and why we're running it then here's the brief overview: SAP has quite a range of open source projects that help us build, deliver, and manage our products and systems, and we collaborate with other companies and foundations to help build their open source projects too. The Open Source Bar is your chance to learn about just some of these projects from the people who build and run them.

In addition, we want to help people by answering questions they might have about how to get started with open source, the tools and policies we use to keep track of everything, and the benefits of producing and consuming open source software.

We've been able to expand the range of projects that will be covered in Barcelona, so come along and speak to the experts on the following projects:

  • Gardener — a tool for managing Kubernetes clusters across heterogenous landscapes

  • Kyma and Luigi — a Kubernetes-based tool for extending and customising cloud and on-premise enterprise applications, and a micro front-end Javascript framework for web applications

  • OpenUI5Web Components, and UIVeri5 — respectively, our open source UI framework; our standalone UI5 elements for other frameworks; and an end-to-end testing tool for UI5-based applications

  • Fundamentals — a range of libraries that let you create consistent, accessible UIs with native support for several popular UI frameworks

  • SapMachine — SAP’s version of the OpenJDK, an enterprise-grade JVM and JDK

  • project ‘Piper’ — a continuous delivery/integration tool based on Jenkins 2.0, which is used for delivering code created using the SAP Cloud SDK, for example

  • OrientDB — a multi-model, graph database that uses noSQL, and yes, it's open source!


I hope you see you there!