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Time flies! Another TechEd event just flew by and it was a memorable one for sure. From what we can tell SAP NetWeaver Cloud sees a tangible uptake and it was surely exciting for the team to see so many of you interested in the platform. Given the pace of such conferences there's a big chance that you missed some of the news and highlights we rolled out in Madrid, hence we would like to provide you with a recap...

Applications Partner Program

Just before SAP TechEd, we officially announced the SAP NetWeaver Cloud Applications Partner program, which enables SAP partners to easily build, run, and monetize SAP certified packaged applications on SAP NetWeaver Cloud, providing support for the full solution life-cycle: starting from development up to publishing and selling the applications via the SAP Store. It's our goal to closely work with our ecosystem to  build out a large portfolio of compelling business applications in the cloud for our joint customers - so join today! (Remember: "The early bird catches the worm!")

But maybe you want to hear from partners that already joined the program to get their stance on the value proposition? If so, please tune into this SAP TechEd Live Interview with Dan McNamara, CEO Keytree

Note: We are hosting a webinar about the program on December 4th - please register here in case you're interested to learn more!

Further info: Press release | Website


SAP NetWeaver Cloud is just getting started (we announced GA at Vegas) and inside SAP lots of teams are currently working on bringing additional functionalities to the platform such as mobile support, analytics, cloud integration and so on. Furthermore, we plan to provide  additional run-time containers to support additional programming models next to Java. bjoern.goerke and karl.kessler touched upon some of the planned innovation as part of their general SAP NetWeaver session titled: SAP NetWeaver - Status and Outlook.


They did it again: Keytree, one of the early adopters of SAP NW Cloud, won the Demo Jam in Madrid with a demo called 'CEO' vision! In a nutshell, it is an augmented reality interface developed using SAP NetWeaver Cloud and SAP HANA. Of course, we are very happy to see so many Demo Jam contenders going for NW Cloud as the technology of choice and even more so to see kind of a trend evolving here. It's going to be interesting for sure to see whether or not we can pull off the hat-trick by also being the winning technology in Bangalore!

Further info: CEO Vision | Demo Jam Madrid Complete Event

Java EE 6 Web Profile Certified

Those of you who have been following SAP NetWeaver Cloud for a while that we are serious about "intellectual renewal" and the most obvious proof is that the platform has been designed and developed from the ground up using Open Source software. This also holds true for the application server at the very core: the Virgo web server.

Last week, we released a new version of our SDK, which  is certified  as Java EE 6 Web Profile compatible. With this release we  provide the perfect run-time environment for web applications while preserving the light-weight nature suited for cloud scenarios. If you want to know more, please refer to the announcement blog post by my colleague  iliyan.nenov 

Spring Roo Add-On for Gateway

As part of the SAP NetWeaver Cloud Labs initiative targeted to provide a platform to foster co-innovation with the community we rolled out an Add-On for the popular Spring Roo framework. With Roo you can rapidly create the foundation of a complete web application in minutes and thanks to the Add-Ons we provided it  nicely integrates with SAP NetWeaver Cloud. But we didn't stop there and during Madrid we rolled out another Add-On enabling integration for SAP Gateway connectivity - all with just a few lines of scripting! My partner-in-crime lars.karg wrote a great blog post about it all - make sure to check it out!  Afterwards, you may want to get your own feet wet by going through the provided Tutorial.

Special shout-out to michael.spahn, radu-florian.atanasiu and sudheer.tammana!

SAP TechEd Live Interview: Latest Updates

In this interview harald.mueller (Chief Product Owner for SAP NetWeaver Cloud) and uwe.kylau (Developer Advocate) talk about the most memorable achievements in 2012 starting from the successful launch of the BETA program, the roll-out of free perpetual developer licenses up to having the platform  certified as being Java EE 6 Web Profile compatible. They continue with having a closer look on the adoption from the community and referring back to the "Developers are the new King Makers" theme underlining the importance of platform as a service for developers.

They then touch upon the topic of why we opted for building the platform based on Open Source Software and why this openness helps to lower the entry barrier to develop application on top of SAP NetWeaver Cloud. The two conclude by emphasizing that this trend of embracing Open Source is the way forward for SAP as it sets course to reach out for mass adoption.

They mention many more topics like the value of the partner program and the upcoming innovations. All in all, they address all of the topics outlined in this post, so it's definitely worthwhile to watch...

Last Words

I guess it shows that we are very excited about the early achievements of the platform and even more so as there's plenty of good stuff yet to come! However, it may be good to finish this blog by sharing the perspective from people outside of SAP. Please allow me to refer you to this video recap of SAP TechEd Madrid (Day 1) by

jon.reed and dennis.howlett have been advocating developer empowerment for quite some time now and they are among the closest observers of SAP for many years now. In this episode they  feature richard.hirsch, who's been one of the early adopters of SAP NetWeaver Cloud and regularly shares his views and opinions about SAP's Cloud Strategy and NW Cloud in particular.

Here are two of our favorites quotes from their wrap-up:

"But talking to those individuals [from SAP NetWeaver Cloud team] I get excited, because I see there's lot's of potential there and in terms of what's coming up down the road it's going to be an exciting time!"

[Dick Hirsch | around 4 min mark]

"...SAP NetWeaver Cloud is more important to SAP's future than HANA!"

[Jon Reed | around 26 min mark]

[VIDEO] SAPPHIRE Madrid 2012 – Live: The Daily Wrap