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At SAP TechEd 2019 in Las Vegas and Barcelona, we’ll have a new dedicated open source area as part of the Developer Garage (close to the App Space and Community Theater). While various SAP open source projects have been featured at TechEd events in the past (and will also be part of the main schedule this year), this will be the first time that open source as a topic will have its own dedicated booth.

We’re calling it the Open Source Bar, and it’s a suitable name for a few reasons: firstly, it’s a place to just drop in when you’re passing, see what’s happening, and meet or make friends; secondly, there’s something for everyone there, whether you’re already using and well-versed with open source software or you have no idea why open source is such an important topic for SAP; and finally, well it looks like a bar (and there should be refreshments available nearby).

If you’re not already using open source software and want to learn how it is relevant for you then it’s the perfect opportunity to learn about some of the open source projects at SAP. You can find out why they’re important individually, how they’re used both at SAP and externally, and why open source matters overall. If you like the idea of using open source software but think it would be difficult to do so at your company, then come and learn about the processes we use at SAP to manage our open source contributions and projects as they may be helpful for you too.

If you’re more familiar with open source, then perhaps you have questions for some of our project experts or want to learn more about how these projects fit together and how you can expand your use of open source software accordingly.

At present, we’re planning on presenting the following projects in Las Vegas:

  • Gardener -- a tool for managing Kubernetes clusters across heterogenous landscapes

  • Kyma and Luigi -- a Kubernetes-based tool for extending and customising cloud and on-premise enterprise applications, and a micro front-end Javascript framework for web applications

  • OpenUI5, Web Components, and UIVeri5 -- respectively, our open source UI framework; our standalone UI5 elements for other frameworks; and an end-to-end testing tool for UI5-based applications

  • SapMachine -- SAP’s version of the OpenJDK, an enterprise-grade JVM and JDK

  • project ‘Piper’ -- a continuous delivery/integration tool based on Jenkins 2.0, which is used for delivering code created using the SAP Cloud SDK, for example

In addition, you can learn about SAP’s open source engagement in general and find out about our policies and tools we find useful to keep track of everything. For an overview of some of our open source projects (and for more information on the projects above) and memberships, visit, or come and visit us at SAP TechEd2019 in Las Vegas!

If you haven’t yet decided to attend, then read Craig Cmehil’s exciting overview of what else to expect in the Developer Garage, and then register here!

The list of projects has been confirmed for SAP TechEd 2019 in Barcelona!
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