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Good morning India!



After 2 (maybe 3…still a bit jet-lagged) days of flying, we arrived in Bangalore the morning of the start of InnoJam. After taking a long nap, the team headed over to the SAP Labs office in Bangalore. This is my first time in India, so my face has been glued to the window since we landed.


The InnoJam kickoff was supposed to start at 5:00pm, but we had so many people attend that registration was a bit backed up and we had to start a tad later. The room was packed! We had 143 attendees that made up 33 teams. It was the largest number of teams in InnoJam history!



Saturday was a hectic day. With 33 teams to help out, the expert table always had visitors. I was able to help out with some new challenges that I had not faced before. I had to explore the CSS of the SAP provided themes to understand what was setting the screen max properties, and I had to find a way around adding an AJAX header since the network was not allowing headers to be added to the calls (one option is forcing the token as a request parameter). By the end of the day, I was exhausted but excited for Sunday to see the final products.



When Sunday rolled around, it was a mad dash to the finish! Judging started at noon, and with so many teams, we had to create a third panel so everyone didn’t have to stay all day. After all it was a holiday. Happy Birthday Gandhi…and Thomas!



I was one of the judging panels, so I only got to see 9 teams' solutions to 2 of the tough challenges we gave to the teams. It was hard just to pick 1 winner from each challenge. So many teams presented incredible ideas!


Thank you to all the attendees! You made my first time in Bangalore (and India!) so much fun! And of course, Good Luck to our final 6 teams in DemoJam at SAP TechEd on October 5th!

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