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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

As most of us already have been working on SUP architecture which says Sybase Unwired Platform is a mobile enterprise application platform used to create applications that could connect to heterogeneous back-end business data and can be deployed to various mobile devices with many other features.Similarly we have Agentry Mobile Platform offered by Syclo, it is an extensible framework for developing, deploying and managing  a wireless business application architecture and with many other features.


Here, I am summarizing all possible difference between these two mobile application development approaches:



1. From the Architecture point of view:





Key Areas SUP Syclo Agentry
Server Product Editions

  • Personal Development

  • Enterprise Development

  • Enterprise Server

  • Development Server

  • Production Server

Back Ends Support

  • SAP

  • Database (With JDBC)

  • REST/SOAP web service

  • SAP

  • Database

  • REST/SOAP web service

  • Files (with OS command scripts)

Various Application Types

  • Native App (Object API)

  • NativeApp (OData)

  • Hybrid App (HTML5)

  • Agentry Player App (Meta data driven)

Device Type Support SUP based apps are supported on
specific versions of mobile OS
Agentry based apps are supported on
specific devices of mobile OS



2. Mobile App Development:


There are few differences in mobile application development approaches using Sybase Unwired Platform and Syclo Agentry.


SUP Sylco Agentry
Mobile SDK Agentry Editor
Mobile Business Objects Agentry Objects
Attributes Properties (String properties, Object Properties,Collection properties)

  • Read operation is performed by a Fetch.

  • Create, Update, Delete are performed by Transactions.

Relationships Properties
No Integrated rule modeling tool Rule editor allows to model, test,
publish and reuse rules.
Analytics Functionality (MAKit) No Analytics Functionality






3. Mobile Solutions at Runtime:



SUP Syclo Agentry
Synchronization using Cache Database
On Mobilink Server
Synchronization using BackEnd
Exchange tables

  • Mobilink Protocol (RBS)

  • iMO Protocol (MBS)

  • HTTP/HTTPs (OData)

  • ANGEL messaging protocol

Authorization based on LDAP Nothing like this
SUP based Push Agentry based Push





4. SAP Mobile Solution Portfolio




SAP Syclo SMART Mobile Suite:


  • SAP Work Manager

  • SAP CRM Service Manager

  • SAP Inventory Manager

  • SAP SMART Rounds


check here for more details.


5. Mobile Application Lifecycle Managment:





From SMP 2.3 onwards,Sybase Unwired Platform and Syclo Agentry both are running on same server.



References: Wikipedia, SAP TechEd Mobility session