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Hi Everyone,

I would like to share my TechEd experience with you.

This was my first TechEd and it was a fantastic experience.

TechEd was organised at KTPO which is around 22 KM from where I live. So I left early for the event at reached there at 07:05 AM in the morning.

Also check my experience from Day 2 and Day 3:

My TechEd Experience Day 2

My TechEd Experience Day 3

Entry Gate:


After the registration, I got a TechEd pass, TechEd onsite guide and a Pen Drive *** bottle opener that had all the TechEd session materials.

When I reached there only few people have arrived. So I got a good seat to watch the Keynote.

Maggie Fox started the keynote

The TechEd started on a special day as shown in the opening Keynote:

All the talk was about HANA :smile:

You can watch the Keynote here:

After the Keynote, I went to Clubhouse and got to meet moshe.naveh jeanne.carboni and jitendrakumar.kansal

And I also got my Pass filled with my SCN badges

Professional headshot being taken at Clubhouse

In the evening, it was Demo Jam time and it started with SCN is 10 celebration

After that SAP Mentors and Topic Leaders were called on to the stage

I also caught one of the #SCNis10 T-shirts

You can watch the complete Demo Jam event here:

After the Demo Jam Event, Sourav Ganguly came on to the stage

You can watch the complete Ganguly event here

Stay tuned for more