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In the following article I will share with you my journey to SAP TechEd 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. For me personally, SAP TechEd is the event I look forward to the most. It's been three years since TechEd 2019 was held in Barcelona. I find it hard to believe how much has changed in the world in that time. It was the first major event I've attended since then.

Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to work from home in sweatpants and a hoodie, but there's nothing I've missed as much as being able to talk directly with the great people in the SAP community. In my eyes, virtual events cannot replace personal exchange.

My journey to Las Vegas

My trip started on Saturday, November 12. from Frankfurt. After a short stopover in Amsterdam I went on to Las Vegas.

My activities besides SAP TechEd

Due to my early arrival I was lucky enough to attend the NFL football game of the Las Vegas Raiders against the Indianapolis Colts on the following Sunday. I confess to you that I am a Dallas Cowboys fan so after the game I went back to the hotel to watch my team lose.

The following Monday started for me classically like almost any other day. I exchanged ideas with my colleagues about the business operations, initiated one or the other project activity and worked my way through my todos. Afterwards, I took a little side trip to the nearby Red Rock Canyon. The nearby National Conservation Area is a radical contrast to the bustling Las Vegas Strip.

In the afternoon I met up with my ex-colleague fabianlehmann for a hop smoothie. It was great to meet him here in Las Vegas. His session Enable, Configure, and Integrate a Central Inbox on SAP BTP [IN264] was on my calendar for the following day anyway.

Fabian had to put the finishing touches on his session, so I was able to end the evening at The Forum Shops at Caesars.

My first day at SAP TechEd

After two wonderful days in Las Vegas, SAP TechEd began on Tuesday at the Mirage Casino. A number of innovations were released during the keynote. You can find a detailed overview of the content in the blog article SAPTechEd2022-keynote-day by 9958e4b6df99431a84a41b015b639ac8.

My hands-on kickoff was Fabian's session. In the session, the SAP Task Center on SAP BTP was set up, configured, and connected to SAP S/4HANA using the SAP Mobile Start app as a native entry point for mobile access.

Subsequently, I participated in the session Achieve Exactly-Once Semantics in Apache Kafka Using SAP Integration Suite [IN260]. During the session, an end-to-end event-driven integration scenario was built. It was possible to use Apache Kafka and SAP Integration Suite to respond to business events and deliver and process a message exactly once to the receiving system.

In the evening, I was able to make a number of new contacts during the event. I was very pleased to meet iinside and mar-hol. I only knew Max(imilian) through his work in the Sap Community. It was therefore great to meet him personally.

Towards the end of the evening, I noticed that there was a great goodie at the Developer Hub booth. There were 2 vouchers given away on site. One 100% as well as another 25% discount for SAP certifications. I have been wanting to take the SAP Certified Development Associate - SAP Integration Suite certification for quite some time now and can tackle this task after SAP TechEd.

My second day at SAP TechEd

The following Wednesday started with the Business Applications Keynote_Las Vegas [KEY101_LV]. For a detailed overview of the content, see the blog article SAP Tech Ed 22 - day 2.

KWS SAAT SE has started to align and synchronize interfaces using SAP WorkFlow Management with an Enterprise Architecture Management System, I was especially interested in SAP Build Process Automation topics. My session day started with Build Robust Apps Enhanced with Process Automation and Low-Code Tooling [AD160]. In this hands-on session, the SAP Build Apps tool together with the SAP Build Process Automation solution has been leveraged to combine the best of both worlds. An application has been developed to improve invoice processing with SAP Build Apps and by leveraging SAP Build Process Automation we setup a business process to deliver an end-to-end experience.

I am currently planning to migrate a Cloud Integration system landscape from the SAP BTP, Neo Environment to SAP Integration Suite. During the session Onboard and Manage New Trading Partners Using SAP Integration Suite [IN263], I looked at suggestions for a number of interface optimizations. It was presented how the Integration Advisor and Trading Partner Management functions of SAP Integration Suite facilitate the onboarding and management of new trading partners and support your business-to-business (B2B) processes.

For me, the event was rounded off by vitaliy.rudnytskiy presentation Geospatial Data in SAP HANA: Connecting the Dots [CT108]. As a geo-informatics graduate, the talk was part of my must-attend program. I have been following the series since 2017 out of private interest and am excited about the new capabilities for integrated data visualization.

Unfortunately, the event quickly fell apart in the late afternoon. I would have been happy if the get together of the previous day could have been repeated.

My return to Germany

The following Thursday I started the journey back to Germany. With a short stopover in Detroit, I headed back to Frankfurt. During the flight, I reviewed the event for myself and captured it in these words.


I'll try to give a brief summary of SAP TechEd Las Vegas. Like every year, SAP TechEd is an event where a lot of information is released. Apart from news and technical exchange, it is the personal relationships that are created and deepened during such events that create significant added value. It was a pleasure to connect personally with the SAP community. For the future, I would hope that the event would again take on the dimensions of the pre-Covid period and that travel times could be shortened. Las Vegas was very intimate and and gives hope for increasing normalization.

Final words

I would be interested to hear how you experienced the event. What did you particularly like or dislike? I would be happy to exchange ideas and connect with the community.