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TechEd for me has not yet finished, I still have a backlog of replays (or in my case first plays) to watch.

In particular I am interested in all things Mobility. Here is a list of what I have watched so far, the good, the bad and the ugly.

TEC103 Mobility Platform Road Map and Strategy

  • Very good overview by Jagdish of what happens next in the short term.
  • SAP mobile platform = SUP + Afaria + Syclo + Mobiliser (365) or = Mobile Security + Mobile application platform + Mobile applications + Mobile messaging Infrastructure.
  • SUP 2.2 features including REST API (A Bad Name!)
  • Cloud edition

MOB100 Unwiring Your Enterprise with SAP Mobile Platform

MOB102 Developing Synchronized Mobile Applications with Sybase Unwired Platform

MOB106 Developing Online Mobile Applications with Sybase Unwired Platform

MOB110  Developing Synchronized Mobile Applications

MOB120  Simple Code Free Mobile Application Development with the Mobile Hybrid Web Container

MOB130  Enabling Business Suite with SAP NetWeaver Gateway, example Sybase Unwired Platform

MOB201 Best Practices for Designing and Developing Custom Mobile Applications

MOB202 Avoiding Design Errors and Improving User Experience for Mobile Apps

MOB230  Developing Simple Mobile Applications Using OData for SAP

MOB240  Managing Mobile Devices in the Enterprise

PMC210  iPad, Adobe, Android, ...  UI Technologies to Integrate in SAP NetWeaver BPM

CD106 Developing Apps and Interfaces with Our Cloud Solutions with an On-Demand SDK

ALM214 Efficient Monitoring and Root-Cause Analysis for Our Mobile Apps