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So I've just gotten back from Teched.    It was AMAZING!!!!

And yes, you've already heard it, we can use ABAP in the cloud.    My unicorn tells me that is a good thing.   The devil on my shoulder says we are not sure if SAP will add a cost to that.    Not sure how much will work.   But it all looks promising.   At this point my blog could be done.   I do want to say that I will be  writing a blog about my session.    I need to add some voice over.


But if you've ever gotten through my blog - you know I write long blogs.    So I'm going to put the highlights here without knowing exactly what session they came from:

SAPUI5 – still being used.  A demo kit is available.

Build still being used – we can use that now, but not to the extent that we can later.  (It supposedly generates Web IDE code.   I’m sure the code will have to be changed a bit)

There is an entire Open SAP course on Build.   It’s still worth taking a look at.   I love the way we can quickly demo something.

This can be used with any language for mock-ups and storyboards.

Blockchain for security:

Interesting concept.   It helps with data integrity, digitally signed documents, and secure connectivity.  It Basically the document goes from computer to computer – so that it can’t be hacked.   It just gave enough so I could look into it more.  I encourage any/everyone to also look at SAP Open training.

Hana on the Cloud

We can program in ABAP!!!!!   But there could be a charge.  If they get enough push back they may remove that as well. (My devil is talking here)   We can’t directly access tables, but we can get to them by objects.  (Code push down)

We can use ABAP procedures.  Fiori is for custom creation but Personas can be used.

It does not look easy to move the code to PRD.

SAP Screen Personas

Use with and without Hana.   They are easy to do.   I don’t think our end users could do it.   Some companies are just using personas without Fiori – interesting.  They also nicely help with sizing.

Unit Testing

Easy.  Why aren't we using them?

Pre-Hana code fixes – this was big!

Pre-change the material number is 18, now it is 40.   Our code should change to use the function module CONVERSION_EXIT_MATN1_INPUT instead of numc(10).   That way it won’t be an issue when we upgrade.  We can decide not to go to 40 characters – but it could cause other issues.  BAPIs, FM, Methods will be changed to 40.  Look at concatenation.

SD document category from 1 to 4 – I don’t think we use this much.

Currency fields – No more KONV – but I don’t think we can fix that now

ATWRT 30 to 70 – we use this for VRF

OBJKY 50 to 90 – VRF

Don’t define any field without using a data element – preferably an SAP data element.  If not there could be issues with different types being mismatched for FM, BAPI, Methods.   There can be mismatches based on what the new field is defined like (With simple SQL statements)

Short/long parameters we can’t do yet.

No longer define tables with occurs or with header line

Avoid select * (We don’t do this very often)

Fix up our code inspector…  Not sure if we have it at this release level.8

Variant Configuration:

I learned there was a user group:

GIT –  Use it

So there were amazing sessions, and some that didn't really work for me.    But more amazing than anything else.   I got to see it from a co-workers eyes.   She had never been to one.    She had a great time!

The Unicorn had a great time.   (My rose colored glasses)   And there wasn't much that I needed to tell the devil on my shoulder to shut up about.

All in all - it was a great experience!   They just keep getting better!
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