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Hi Everyone,

Today was one of the best days of TechEd.

We had an opportunity to Meet great thomas.jung

It was a meet up organized by ravi.grover

We got to know more about Thomas

We also quenched our thirst related to HANA and asked him to give us some tips on delivering great sessions just like him.

We all had fun time together.

Sharing some of the photos of the meet:

A group photo: Everyone gathered together.

Ravi giving a token of appreciation to Thomas

Me interacting with Thomas :smile:

Ravi and Thomas together. Credits for such a good photo to me :wink:

Finally me and Thomas together :smile:

Thank a lot Ravi for providing us with this opportunity.

Thanks to Thomas for taking out time from his busy schedule to meet with us.

I will also share my learning and my TechEd experience later. So stay tuned....