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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

If you're at SAP TechEd Las Vegas this week, make sure you drop by and visit michaela.laemmler and in the Explore area in Hall G - they'll be at booth 33, openSAP and SAP Learning Hub!

We have just announced our plans to enable learners to earn a Record of Achievement for courses in self-paced mode with the openSAP, course reactivation option. This feature will be rolled out globally in the near future, but for those of you attending SAP TechEd Las Vegas you can get a sneak preview and earn your Record of Achievement in self-paced mode before anyone else. Drop by to the booth, take a selfie with Michaela/Clemens, and post it on Twitter using #SAPTechEd & @openSAP to get your reactivation code. Or you can post it on our openSAP Facebook page!

You can also join Michaela on Wednesday, 3.30-4pm , Networking Session 5 on the show floor, for a 30 minute networking session:

NET38765            Learning for Everyone: Anytime, Any Location with openSAP     

More information about the openSAP, course reactivation option

openSAP delivers Enterprise MOOCs with a definitive start and end date. The purpose behind these dates is to encourage learners to stay on track, collaborate in the discussion forums, and complete the learning content without getting distracted, resulting in learners never completing the course. In the near future, you will have the option to earn a Record of Achievement in self-paced mode, however there will be a fee attached to this option (~€39).

Why are we charging? To encourage learners to continue joining the scheduled courses for free. If learners can earn a Record of Achievement for free at any time, our MOOCs would become like any other e-learning and it would rarely be completed. openSAP as it is today will remain free of charge, including accessing in learning content in self-paced mode. The fee is only applied if you want to earn a Record of Achievement in self-paced mode. You can find more information in our openSAP, course reactivation FAQs.

openSAP’s business is to share free knowledge about SAP’s innovations in MOOC format and we plan to continue free delivery into the future.

Michaela and Clemens will be available to discuss all openSAP topics with you - so whether you'd like to share your feedback, wishes, or ask questions, you're most welcome to come and connect in person.

SAP TechEd Las Vegas

Hall G

Explore Area

Booth 33 - openSAP and SAP Learning Hub

If you're going to SAP TechEd Bangalore or Barcelona, you'll also have the chance to meet the openSAP team - stay tuned for updates!