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I am pleased to introduce Garrett Broughton who is the SAP Portals Manager for Nike.  He is presenting Nike Changes from SAP NetWeaver Process Integration to Process Orchestration as an ASUG session at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, session code POP301.

Introduction to Garrett:

My name is Garrett Broughton. I will be speaking at TechEd ’13 on SAP CE and SAP PI. I’m currently an IT manager at Nike with 10 years IT experience. I enjoy working with passionate SAP experts. I volunteer for every opportunity to speak at conferences about my SAP experiences. I’m very excited to share our SAP projects we have going on at Nike.

Garrett's Hobbies:

When I’m away from working on SAP projects, I enjoy spending time with my family. My wife and I love to travel the world. We have been to over 20 countries and almost all 50 states.

I enjoy running, swimming, and golf. I will play a round of golf with anyone!

How Garrett Started with SAP:

I started with SAP eight years ago at a utility company. We switched every core business function to SAP. After five years, I moved to Accenture for SAP consulting. During this time I traveled all over the US helping clients install and configure SAP. Two years later, I become a proud new parent. I found an opportunity with less time away from home to join an exciting company at Nike. I currently manage a group of SAP portal BSA’s and developers.

What are Garrett's TechEd takeaways:

The lesson to learn from my session is “What is a comp app”. I will spend most of time talking about our success and challenges developing two comp apps with SAP PI. My session will be high level and enjoyable for all SAP professionals. I encourage technical questions following the session.

*All photos provided by Garrett.

Here is his session abstract:

POP301 Nike Changes from SAP NetWeaver Process Integration to Process Orchestration

This presentation will cover performance tuning with SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment portal. SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management allows Nike's business to look up data in multiple SAP instances in real time. The Nike SAP tech department reduced response time in production from over fifteen seconds to less than five seconds in the SAP NetWeaver CE, SAP NetWeaver Process Integration, and SAP ECC landscape. We have discovered the Java BPM performance will reduce our response time even further with the new version of Java-only SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration. We are in the process of implementing SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration into the landscape by July 2013.

So add his session to your agenda today.

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