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In the spirit of two successive TechEd Meet-The-Moderator sessions in 2013 ( Meet the Moderator at #SAPTeched 2013 Las Vegas - C'mon I dare you!   and  Calling All #SCN Members in #SAPTechEd Amsterdam ) ... pre-announcing the Moderator Meet-up at Bangalore.

Since I am leaving town before the exact dates and times are set, this is more of a work-in-progress than a meet-me-at-the-interval bulletin.  What would motivate you to meet one of the people behind the scenes of content abuse reporting management, maintainer of quality postings, and language, and intrepid battlers against decorum upsetters, serial copy-pasters, and denizens of link-farming-viral-traps?  Part of you answer should be in doing your part to help SCN stay a place for questions, answers, discussions and opinions, not a free-for-all social hangout for pirates and politicos.

Another reason might be you're interested in stepping up and spending a few hours per week being a Moderator yourself.  First off, you get the slick [M] symbol, like superhero logo to wear.  Second, you get to see behind the scenes, like the Wizard of Oz curtain, and know more about the software and configurations driving this monster. Third, you'll get to be a part of a global community of people who can not only get you answers to esoteric questions, but share a sense of belonging.

The organizers of the Meet up sessions include non-SAP attendees such as jansirani.murugesan and myself, they are SCN team members marilyn.pratt, jeanne.carboni, gali.klingschneider, and moshe.naveh.

Me, I'm going to start with a mini-meet-up.  Catch me before or after one of the two Hands-On sessions I booked for myself:

Besides meeting SCN community folks I know from prior events, I of course want to learn new names and faces.  I gained or cemented many friendships during my first visit to India in 2011.  Hopefully,

I have a vintage (in a sense) T-Shirt, never worn, from a previous Tech Ed and pictured below, that I will give to the first person who asks for it while I'm going in or out of one of these sessions.  I will exclude SAP Mentors, SCN team members, and Moderators mostly so I can meet another community member.