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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
It's been a while since I published my last blog post, frankly speaking. So there obviously needs to be something relatively exciting that I do blog again, right? It's SAP TechEd season! Even though it's a little different this year, I would like to share my planned sessions and perhaps bring some inspiration to you.

First, I might not be the typical conference guy - not sure if there's even a "typical" conference guy. Often times I think of the typical conference guy as somebody who's looking for sessions to dive deeper into a specific area. I am completely different. I take the opportunity to break out of my usual subject matter and broaden my horizon by looking at other areas. Mostly there are also areas I have never dealt with before or I had said for a long time: "I'm not really interested in that at all".

Artificial Intelligence

Last year I had dealt with SAP AI Business Services in a very superficial way for various reasons. Admittedly: I don't have the slightest idea about Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence...and they are not mandatory here. The tutorial "Use Machine Learning to Process Business Documents" alone shows impressively how powerful AI can be. I was and I am enthusiastic about these offered AI Business Services. I have no doubt that those services are just the beginning of various functional outcomes of AI in the SAP products.

Business Automation with Artificial Intelligence and AI Business Services [ST108]

Injecting Artificial Intelligence into Business Processes [ST116]

Infuse Intelligence into Business Processes with SAP AI Business Services [INT201]

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (iRPA)

How cool is it if somebody (somebody = Robots) else could do your job or at least do the tedious and repetitive tasks? That's at least the first thought that comes to my mind when I think about iRPA. And I can only imagine how many SAP end users do have those kind of situations day-to-day where they are sick of doing repetitive tasks. I haven't had the chance to get my hands dirty yet - but why not doing it the other way round and have a look at the big picture first before diving deep? Not my preferred way of doing developer things but sometimes needed ?

There's a whole subtrack at this years SAP TechEd covering RPA - including some lovely customer experiences.

Everything You Want to Know About Hyperautomation with SAP Intelligent RPA [INT933]

Zuellig Pharma: Streamlining Business Processes with SAP Intelligent RPA [INT130]

OCR and Machine Learning–Based Surface Automation: Truly Intelligent RPA [INT202]


SAP Cloud Plattform

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) was and will always be close to my heart. It has evolved tremendously over the last months - as the result of the Devtoberfest had shown, with great community contributions. christian.georgi, part of the CAP team since the beginning, will bring you the latest features of CAP in Node.js and Java. This session is especially recommended if you have been following the Developer Keynote DK100 with excitement and want more insights.

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model Evolution – What’s New [DEV103]

Did you know that the SAP Cloud Platform Trial already provides several APIs and a CLI to manage your SAP Cloud Platform environment? Didn't you? Then this session is certainly an excellent start to address some of the steps from the SAP Cloud Platform Cockpit comfortably from your terminal or to automate them via API.

Explore the New Capabilities of SAP Cloud Platform – Open API and CLI [DEV360]

Curious about how to bring your development efforts from the SAP Cloud Platform Neo over to SAP Cloud Platform Cloud Foundry? "Move your applications towards an open-language framework and your SAP HANA databases to future-proof SAP HANA Cloud, and open up a world of exciting possibilities with a whole marketplace of multi-cloud services." - If you are not yet on the multi-cloud train, then better make sure to join!

Multi-Cloud Migration: Migrate Your Applications from Neo to Cloud Foundry [DEV204]


Developer Advocates

Unfortunately I'm not able to host a particular session myself (gonna be part of SAP TechEd anyway this year but in a slightly different role, watch out!) but my team colleagues are hosting sessions. I promise that they know how to entertain you and provide exciting technical content. Don't expect too many slides, be prepared for code and examples.

Beyond SAPUI5 and SAP Fiori Elements [IIS114] (a beginner breakout session by Marius Obert)

Translytical Data Processing with SAP HANA Cloud [DAT108] (a beginner breakout session by Witalij Ru...

Build Data Pipelines with SAP Data Intelligence [INT105] (a beginner lecture by Witalij Rudnicki)

Do-It-Yourself Machine Learning [INT200] (a beginner lecture by Witalij Rudnicki)

Expert Q&A on Developing with ABAP in the Cloud [DEV928] (An Expert Q&A with Rich Heilman)



Nabheet Madan, well known from his enablement livestreams on YouTube, will talk about how to learn non-ABAP stuff. "We eat, sleep, and repeat ABAP. Every SAP and non-SAP technology stack is evolving, and so should we."

Transitioning from ABAP Programmer to Developer [CM105]

My Developer Advocates colleagues, including myself have been working hard to build a pure developer focused keynote this year. No slides, pure code, no fake scenarios. We'll provide a GitHub repository for you to simply grab and play with that stuff afterward yourself. How cool is that? Better not miss it! "All Developers Welcome". Sneak peak: SAP TechEd Developer Keynote DK100 – The Story

Developer Keynote: All Developers Welcome [DK100]

There'll be an expert panel right after the developer keynote with some well known SAP colleagues to not only talk about the stuff shown in the developer keynote but also what's next on the roadmap for developers. Highly recommended! There'll be more detailed information (like this expert panel) about Channel 1 the next days! Stay tuned.


Over 'n out. See you at SAP TechEd 2020! Hope to connect to you in other ways than usually at SAP TechEd.(showfloor / run / beer / on-site sessions)