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Am I excited to join SAP TechEd? Yes, indeed I am.

But wait, what else I can tell you that others can't?
Everyone might be telling you, what SAP has done for them, or how they have benefited from SAP.
But I can tell you both, what SAP has done for me and what I have done for SAP, including why I am interested in SAP TechEd.

So let's begin...

It all started in 2015, me working as an Android developer. In April 2015 my company proffered me a proposal to work for an SAP technology, SAPUI5. After thinking for a day, I agreed to start my journey with SAP, along with SAPUI5 my company also asked me to learn SAP HANA.

And today I can say switching my technology to SAP was one of my best decisions in life. As after changing my technology to SAP, I came to know, I love doing R&D kind of stuff. Instead of working for the same technology or a language, I love learning, finding and working on new technologies. Since then I am just learning, working on multiple technologies from SAPUI5 to SAP HANA, from IoT, machine learning to Blockchain.

After a year, in February 2016, my company got a project from SAP. I was interviewed, was called to work at SAP as a consultant.
Have I worked for SAP? Yes, I have worked, but let me clarify, I have never attended SAP TechEd. In December 2017 my project got completed, I left SAP and my parent company together, it was arduous to move from SAP, as it is undoubtedly a great place to work.

Now, I have told you what SAP has done for me, but what I have done for SAP, I have not told you yet.
So as I said, I love learning and working on new technologies. when I was working in SAP as an SAP HANA developer, After a year later, when my project got stable, I got time to try something new.

I tried finding some vulnerabilities in SAP products. Let me tell you I was already interested in ethical hacking since my college days, I had completed an ethical hacking program.
After searching for approx 4 to 5 months, I found a DOS vulnerability in SAP HANA. I reported that to SAP and voila, that vulnerability got 7.5 CVS rating. But something happened after reporting that vulnerability.

For me, this was a big achievement and because of my research for 4 to 5 months, I was expecting at least a certificate of appreciation from SAP, not any kind of bounty or so. But the security team told me they don't do anything for an SAP employee, I should ask my manager for any kind of certificate, but I never received that.
So now, I just have a screenshot of that incident which I had raised in SAP to report that vulnerability, not any valid proof of doing something special for SAP.
For you, this could be a small thing, but I have utilized my 5 months in finding such a thing.
That is what I wanted to tell you, I have done for SAP.

Here is why I want to join SAP TechEd:
My biggest reason to join SAP TechEd is to learn, experience new things and technologies.
I have recently started working on Machine learning and Blockchain. These two topics will definitely be there in SAP TechEd. I will try to get some new ideas related to these topics, that I can use to create or invent something.

So that's all about my story and how my last two years revolved around SAP.
Hope to join you at Bangalore.