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It feels good to be back from SAP TechEd.  This was my second show and I must say, I do enjoy it.  It's not just because of the announcements because let's be frank, I don't think there are a ton of surprises this year other than some nifty cloud and developer program announcements.  BUT DON'T GIVE UP ON THIS BLOG YET.  It was an outstanding week nonetheless.  InnoJam and DemoJam rocked, networking events were fantastic, the jam band time was very cool, and I think some of the SAP HANA demonstrations I had been hoping to see on the analytics side are starting to take shape.  On top of that, each of the hands on sessions I thought I was going to attend were COMPLETELY full. If you couldn't find the person you were looking for to ask a question on ___________, you weren't looking at all. The Expert Networking Lounge sessions were generally packed too.  People want to talk SAP technology.

InnoJam was as fun as ever.  Even though there was not a real emphasis on any BI tool in particular aside from a few cursory swipes at some "hey we used BI" presentations, I got to play with SAP Visual Intelligence quite a bit on the demo machines.  For a wee bit deeper review of SAP Visual Intelligence, pop over to my blog on

A number of my fellow mentors have already posted blogs and content summarizing the week, as have so many others, so I won't go there.  But what I will do, is give you the play by play of THE Jamie Oswald Experience Las Vegas by way of a photo essay.

We had some fun at SAPPHIRE.  greg.myers3, jamie.oswald, and I all had some pics taken together to help pimp DSLayerASUG loved us SO MUCH (thanks ASUG), that we have become poster-boys (literally).

I mean this thing is so big, everybody wants to get in, like our pal joshua.fletcher2.

Discontent that Jamie ditched us to run off to SAP Insider's BI 2012 in Singapore with clint.vosloo and corey.adams, Greg and I decided to leverage said poster-boy to keep us company throughout the last night of the trip.  It all started by bringing Jamie into the 3 Doors Down concert.  Thus begins our journey.

But then, we ran into an unruly Canuck that got all pointy-fingered at us when we tried to take the sign away from him (Hi Mark).  All props to Mark as the brains behind the #CanuckHunt.

Little did we know that that Canuck was part of a flock of Canucks!

With the concert coming to a close, we gave fans a choice.  Who are you in with?  3 Doors Down?  Or DSLayer?  Not a tough call.  The good looking guys.

Before we called it a night at the concert, we decided to recreate one of our epic SAPPHIRE photo moments on the escalator.

With the concert wrapping up, we decided to unwind in my room for a few before we took off to hang out with the other SAP Mentors.  Oddly, people in the Palazzo Casino were giving us REALLY strange looks as we walked through.  The elevator ride up was awkwardly silent.

The rooms at the Palazzo are great and had a roomy couch for us to all hang out.

It'd been a long and dirty day.  The Jamie Oswald Experience definitely needed a shower.  The shower cap was to protect his "do".  Is it weird that we shower together too?  Didn't think so.

It was time to get back to the after-party.  What follows, is the play by play of the end of The Jamie Oswald Experience's time at SAP TechEd Last Vegas.  Thanks for all our SAP Mentor and SAP Community Network friends for playing along.

After an exhausting day at SAP TechEd and an awesome concert, The Jamie Oswald Experience was ready to turn in.  This was not weird at all.  Sweet dreams Las Vegas.


Huge thanks to our pal derek.loranca.  We couldn't have made fools of ourselves without you..