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Hi everybody.

We are down to counting the hours left until TechEd, and I bet a lot of you are as excited as I am. And we are really excited to see that so many people want to join in on the good old fashioned social un-distancing on the SAP Online Track Discord server   ( We really hope that we will be able to provide a good platform for social interactions for the community during the event.

The admin team are in the process of some remodelling at the moment, to make the server even better than it has been, since SAP Online Track 2020 in May. Among others we will provide a broader selection of channels. But I won't go into details about it here. I rather want to use the opportunity to highlight some way to interact on the service. Please let us know if you have any feedback or suggestions. We welcome everything that can help us make your stay as good as possible with open arms.

First joining Discord

When joining the server, you will only see a couple of channels. The first on your agenda should be to go into the code of conduct channel, and get to know the rules of the server. You should get members-status shortly after your arrival, but if that doesn’t happen, please ping one of the moderators in the lounge, who will give you the role. Getting the member role will unlock access to all the other channels on the servers.

All available channels

We have several text channels on the server. The idea of the text channels seems simple. It’s to fascilitate chat done in an asyncrounous manner. We have created a text channel per track, to keep conversation to the topic you are interested in, and also the Water Cooler for the “hallway” chatter. 

One of biggests successes of last year's TechEd Las Vegas was the puppy corner. We are trying out a tranquility corner on the discord server to send peaceful vibes out to the community.

The voice channels are for conversations that are better to do in real time. If a few people are having a lively conversation and want to continue directly in a synchronous fashion or maybe a session has run out of time, then the voice channels are open for the community to carry on in here. Please use these as you see fit, but be respectful of others. An example could be to take your lunch in the the ️ Corner Café, chatting to other attendees. 

We have created a set of paired channels, called the unconference channels, that you can claim for a set amount of time, if you want to break out of one of the main channels. A good use case is if a group wants to continue the discussion about a topic after a session. There is no need to coordinate the usage, as it is first come, first served. But please announce the usage in the lounge, to enable people to join. For example “We continue the discussion on the S/4HANA roadmap in UNCONFERENCE #1.”

Unconference channels

It is also possible to create ad-hoc group chats, using the DM functionality of Discord.

I guess this should be enough to get you started. Don't hesitate to reach out on Discord, if you have any questions. You can ask anyone in the moderator(yellow) or admin(blue) groups, and we will to our best to help. Also check out the video Weekly Update #5(YouTube link) on the SAP Online Track YouTube account, for some more information about using Discord. And with that, we want to welcome you all, and wish you a very good TechEd. And I guess I'll see all of you online. ?