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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

As part of the live studio staff for the event, I had a chance to listen in on a lot of conversations about what was happening at the event and within SAP in general.  There's no doubt that SAP HANA and Cloud computing were mentioned more than a few times but this isn't without good reason.  As an employee of SAP, it's very exciting to witness the transition to cloud computing or, more accurately, the SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA.

About the event, it was really inspiring seeing and listening to the many students attending SAP TechEd && d-code Berlin.  We tend to focus on what benefits SAP Cloud and SAP HANA will bring to customers in the "now," but listening to the students I got excited about what we might expect further down the line because we're looking at a new generation of students with easy and cheap access to what can seem like unlimited and connectable computing power.

Like the generation before that leveraged to internet to extend and enhance their market reach, this new one will also be able to dream big and focus on what they want to do without having to worry so much about the technical and platform challenges, meaning less overhead and risk.  What they will create and how might it be integrated in SAP remains to be seen but I think were going to see some interesting things over the next couple of years.

Hear for yourself in this SAP TechEd && d-code Roaming Reporter interview from Berlin:

Well, i'm inspired: how about you?