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How many times have you heard someone saying “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”? Well, this is definitely not the case with SAP TechEd - the premier technology event for learning, networking, training, and education on the SAP platform and related technologies. After an eventful and memorable SAP TechEd 2016 in Las Vegas, we are heading up to Bangalore! Just like at TechEd 2016 in Las Vegas, Internet of Things (IoT) will play an important role during the event in Bangalore on October 5-7.

One of the highlights in Las Vegas, which we will take with us to Bangalore is the “SAP Connected Goods” showcase.

“SAP Connected Goods” is a new cloud-based IoT solution designed to maximize the value of high-volume goods through centralized monitoring and governance, combined with SAP back-end system integration. Curious to know what type of alerts, analytics and key insights on performance you could gain with “SAP Connected Goods”? Then, do not miss the opportunity to see the demo and talk to the IoT Smart Connected Business team at TechEd.

If you are in the Retail or CPG industry and you are looking at how to transform your fashion and in-store customer service, you will definitely want to see the SAP & Intel Smart Inventory demo. SAP and Intel have strategically partnered to extend and enrich the digital core and help retailers run live and reimagine their business processes. The first part of this co-innovation aims to improve In-Store customer experience at fashion retail stores by leveraging RFID to make In-Store business processes more efficient.

Interested to learn more? Make sure to include these demos when building your agenda and to meet the IoT Smart Connected Business team by dropping at the IoT Innovations and Technologies Demo Pod EZ42.

Besides the exciting showcases, here is an overview of some of the IoT sessions we have prepared for you:

IoT Made Easy - How to Create IoT Apps for Smart Connected Business - Oct 7th at 09:00-10:00 am in Room L2

Smart connected business allows you to leverage IoT technology with SAP’s IoT platform to enable new business models with device to device and device to people connectivity. How about creating such IoT applications yourselves? Join the session to learn about real-life experiences of SAP customers & partners creating their own IoT apps leveraging SAP's IoT platform. Also, do not miss the opportunity to build your own "Internet of Things" prototype by joining the latest openSAP course Imagine IoT.

Moving Exabytes Is Expensive: Lambda at the Edge to Enable IoT at Scale - Oct 7th at 10:15-11:15 am in Room L9

IoT data is really big. The simple view of cloud computing will not work for very large IoT datasets. “Lambda architecture” allows you to focus on the urgent while also analyzing everything. You can move lambda processing out to the edge, close to where IoT data is created and therefore keep most IoT data at the edge, forever. This is a huge win – moving and storing 99% less data at the core will save lots of money. Edge computing will be a major trend in the future. Join this session to learn more.

Come and meet the team at TechEd to learn about SAP’s IoT strategy, to exchange ideas with experts, as well as to get empowered to create your own apps. The Smart Connected Business will be waiting for you to take you on an exciting IoT journey.