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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

At SAP our 30-hour coding Hackathon competition is the InnoJam. This is where you get to meet with like-minded developers, form a Team and engage the competitive part of your brain. Teams have a maximum size of 5 attendees and we encourage you to either register as a team, or form a team before the InnoJam starts. For InnoJam at SAP TechEd attendance of InnoJam is by a separate registration to TechEd and is a separate extra charge to the conference itself, so check out the links here

During the event each Team will build a solution based on a challenge, and then have their solution judged during a six-minute demo to the judges. It is like Pop Idol for SAP Techies! We will have office-hours at the InnoJam, where we will have a number of SAP experts from various SAP technologies available, to give advise and point you in the correct direction. The solutions to the InnoJam challenges should use at least one SAP Technology and can use other technologies, but we leave the decision and combination to the teams themselves. It’s all about learning, collaboration and co-innovation. Ultimately, the best six InnoJam solutions then go to the DemoJam, where the final winner is selected.

For the first time at TechEd this year, all three of the pre-conference InnoJam’s, Las Vegas, Bangalore and Barcelona, will have the same theme for the challenges. These challenges are only revealed at the InnoJam and are randomly allocated to each team. Each challenge is a specific use-case that we want the teams to solve, and all will be based around Education & Research.

Education at all-levels is key to the development of every nation on the earth, through the fulfillment of everyone’s potential at its highest level. A countries greatest resource is its people and we all have been through a course of education before going onto our chosen careers. Education is the foundation of all of us, it teaches the basis of communication, mathematics, problem solving, social interaction and social responsibility. Nowadays look at any academic location and you will find that it is, amongst other things, striving to enhance the learning experience, track student progress and analyze the big picture.

Research builds upon and also combines with education to increase our understanding of the world around us and ultimately will make changes and advances in all fields of modern life. Take any thing around us today, either physical or theory and it has been built upon years of research… Computing and Technology being a great example. The administrative side of Research, such as the planning and execution, is just as important as the research matter itself.

Through technology, we can streamline and enhance the processes, methodologies and practices that will cut costs and complexity, as well as improve the experience and the efficiency of Education & Research.

We really hope that you will attend and can’t wait to see what you produce in those 30 hours!

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