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Based on its success in Berlin and Las Vegas, an “Influence Lounge” with improvised format has been set up for the first time at TechEd Bangalore (March 11th to 13th) by the Bangalore PMCS team.

It was a huge hit with 18 interactive sessions and 397 customers/partners getting a chance to influence SAP’s products. We also have to thank our co-moderators Ankita and Sourabh and also the TechEd organizing team Peeyush and Arif for their support!

Objective & Format:

Influence lounge sessions help starting long-term relationships with local customers. Each session lasts one hour  - 10’ product pitch-in, 40’ influence-storming (Quick DT activities), 10’ Feedback & networking.

Key outcomes:

131 customers/partners signed up for end user activities through end user signup forms

158 twitter posts reached 7 422 unique users through #influenceSAP hashtag

130 Influence branded laptop stickers issued

123 business cards exchanged (or badge scanned) for further engagements

20 participants in average per session

7+ Props - Pod had it's own set of designed properties like stickers, posters, timers, smiley feedback cards, collection boxes, signup forms, etc.

6 Key high-demand topics including S4HANA, Ariba and SFSF

5 site signups during session

3.61 / 4 – Customer Overall rating on influence sessions

3.7 / 4 - Speaker rating on activity relevance

Feedback from presenters:

  • Very productive, reached out to many customers willing to engage with us
  • Wonderfully organized, great arrangements
  • The way the feedback was provided (smiley cards), the info-sessions and dry runs was all very interesting and engaging
  • Liked the format – 10-min product pitch, keep it short/crisp rule, white-boarding and use of design thinking props
  • Prepared summary for further discussions about the “ideas” received during session and possible building of roadmap of our product feature
  • The format is very impressive to have an interactive session with customers in “Design thinking mode”

And it doesn’t end there. The presenters have been requested to report back on the feedback collected. Some of them have already created very detailed reports on their sessions and they are looking at next steps to take forward the inputs/suggestions received from customers. For example here is one of the success stories (from SFSF team on their success with influence lounge).

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a line to: Muthuraj