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Why am I excited to be at TechEd?

This is my 3rd SAP TechEd, and every time I go there, there is something new to learn. It is a magic moment to attend the Keynote in real, you can meet a lot of good people, and you don't have a single minute where you don't know what to do. That's why even if you plan your agenda with the agenda builder you should be prepared to change you plans!

For each TechEd I attended, there was some new good challenge I had to face:

- The first TechEd was my first event as a SAP Mentor, and I was just lost trying to keep together all the sessions I wanted to attend, but the biggest challenge was the "Mentors Initiation": a so beautiful memory!

- In my second TechEd I was trying something more: I was hosting an expert session about Cloud 4 Customers and trust me, it was one of the best experiences I had in my life. Moreover I was involved in a live interview in the live studio, an amazing and emotional experience!

- This time I will be in Barcelona and I will be partecipating for the first time at the InnoJam which is scheduled for Sunday, November 8, 7:00 AM to Monday, November 9, 3:00 PM. Moreover I will be supporting an official SAP session: DEV164 - Sending your sensors data to SAP HCP using SAP IoT Services on Thursday, November 12, 2:30 PM.

Why do I want to meet you?

I like to meet new people, to discuss about SAP technologies and to listen something new coming from another place in the world and from another career experience. I am a developer and my expertises are around Cloud 4 Customers, ABAP and SAP Netweaver, the unfortunately "died" Google Glasses, the Integration between SAP and Google Services, and loosely SAP UI5, HANA, HCP, IoT.

Engage with SAP Mentors!

This year there is something new in place! You can #catchamentor!  You can earn SCN points and badges, plus a discounts at the SAP store.

Check out the full terms and conditions here Limited Edition #CatchAMentor Mission Badges at #SAPtd

This is just an extract:

[Catch a Mentor] + [Know a Mentor] Missions

To earn this Catch a Mentor badge (and 10 points), you'll need to:

    1. Take a Selfie with a SAP Mentor
    2. Post the Selfie in this document
    3. (Optional: Tweet out your selfie with #CatchaMentor #SAPtd)

To earn this Know a Mentor badge (and 15 more points), you'll need to:

    1. Start a conversation with a SAP Mentor
    2. Post a short blog about what you learned from the SAP Mentor in the SAP TechEd space
    3. Post the link to your blog in this document

If you are not yet satisfied :grin: we have another challenge: Mentor 5-Star, to get discount to SAP Store and win Cirque de Soleil show tickets (Las Vegas) or other major event tickets (Barcelona).

So what are you waiting for?

Me and other Mentors are waiting for you at TechEd Barcelona!