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Why am I excited to be at TechEd?

SAP TechEd provides in-depth information and experiences with SAP technologies via lectures, demos, customer stories, hands-on sessions, and much more.  In addition, networking with executives, colleagues from other universities, and practitioners from various industries provides me with insights on how these technologies enable the digital enterprise.  This helps me keep my teaching materials current and relevant in terms of concepts, principles, and techniques as well as hands-one experience with the technologies.  This, in turn, gets my students hired!

I must confess that TechEd can be a daunting experience.  Much like a kid at Disney World or a candy store, I feel very excited to be there, but also overwhelmed with the choices.  Planning in advance is essential to gain the most from the TechEd experience.  The TechEd agenda builder is a great place to start.  But be prepared to be double and triple booked!  And you know that the plan will change once you get there.

Before the conference, I will be at the InnoJam which is scheduled for Sunday, October 18, 8:00 AM to Monday, October 19, 3:00 PM.  InnoJam is a 30 hour marathon where participants create innovative solutions to societal problems using SAP technologies.  Participants have to develop and demonstrate a working solution; no power points!.  At TechEd Las Vegas this year, the InnoJam will focus on a problem in the medial and health care industry.  Winners from InnoJam will show off their apps at DemoJam to all TechEd attendees on October 21st.  You get vote for the winning solution!

Why do I want to meet you?

Are you looking for great talent for your organization?  Then you must learn more about the SAP University Alliances program (SAP UAP) and meet faculty and students from universities that use SAP software in teaching.  I want to tell you about the how SAP UAP and universities are working together to build the talent needed to advance the digital enterprise.  Join me at one of the following networking sessions:

Visit the SAP University Alliances booth where you can professors from leading universities, and about 30 of the best and brightest students from these universities. I am sure the students will amaze you.

Engage with SAP Mentors!

Ever wonder who the SAP mentors are? What's with the [cool/weird] shirts?  What do those numbers mean? Check out my take on the SAP Mentors (don't laugh!)  Feed your curiosity and engage with some of the most amazing people I have had the privilege to work with.  You can #catchamentor!  Look for information on this SCN mission (coming soon).  You can earn SCN points, badges, discounts at the SAP store and you will be entered in a raffle each day.   The second opportunity is via the SAP Mentor Open House during TechEd.  Look for more information on this as well (coming soon).    

I hope to see you at TechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona!

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