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Community Manager
Are you going to SAP TechEd Las Vegas or Barcelona this year? Have you already registered? If not, then the first thing you’ll want to do is: Register Now. (See three ways you might qualify for a full or partial conference pass at the bottom of my post.)

As you go through the SAP TechEd registration process for Las Vegas or Barcelona, you’ll see a section on the Conference Related Questions page that talks about virtual badges and includes an input field, like this:

Be sure to enter your public profile link in the field, not your SAP ID or email address. Here’s how to find your public profile link.

By entering your public profile link in the registration form, you’ll become eligible to earn SAP TechEd missions and badges on the community.

The first badge you’ll earn, just for registering and including your profile link, is the “I’ll Be There” badge.

This badge not only shows other members that you’ll be attending one of the upcoming SAP TechEd events, but if you look at the profiles of members you follow or those who follow you (or any member, actually), you’ll be able to see if they are going to SAP TechEd too. I also plan to include members who received the badge in my #content:blogposts.

If someone has the badge on their profile, you can see which location they’re registered for by hovering over the badge. (You may notice some folks, like speakers and community team members, who have more than one badge because they’re going to more than one SAP TechEd location.)

If another SAP Community member has the badge, and you’re already following each other, you can DM (direct message) each other and plan to connect while you're there. This lets you take those member connections to the next level—meeting face-to-face.

NOTE: We award these badges on a weekly basis, not immediately, so it might take a week or more after registering before you see one on your profile.

While you’re onsite at the conference, you’ll be able to earn additional missions and badges for TechEd, such as the App Space 2019 badge or the CodeJam mini edition badge.

What if I already registered? Can I still earn SAP TechEd badges?

If you’re already registered, and you didn’t see the input field when you went through the registration process, don’t worry, you can still add your public profile link to your registration. Here’s how!

  1. Log into the registration dashboard.
    Use this link for Las Vegas registration:
    Use this link for Barcelona registration:

  2. On the Access My Registration screen, click on Edit your Additional Information.

  3. On the Conference Related Questions screen, scroll down towards the bottom and find the section about virtual badges.

  4. Enter your public profile link in the input field. (This is a link similar to this one, which is my own public profile link: oddss#overview. Here’s how to find your public profile link.)

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Continue.

Once you’ve saved your registration changes, the next time we do an upload of the “I’ll Be There” badge for your location, your badge will appear in the #snapshot.

What if I'm registered for SAP TechEd Bangalore?

Although the process described in this post is available only for the SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona venues, we are not neglecting you! We will award badges for Bangalore too--just put a comment on this blog post after you've registered for Bangalore to request your badge.

3 ways you might qualify for a full or partial conference pass

So you’d like to go to SAP TechEd this year, but you’re not sure you can swing it?

  • Submit a proposal for a community session by August 9, 2019, and if your session is chosen you’ll receive a lecture-only conference pass.

  • Read Ian Thain’s post to see how you can enter a contest to win a show-floor pass (contest closes August 30, 2019).

  • If you’ve never been to TechEd, check out Jamie Cantrell’s post to see if you might qualify for the 2019 TechEd Scholarship Program (submissions due by July 15, 2019).