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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Finding SAP Mentors at SAP TechEd is easy to do - especially when 68 of them were in Las Vegas and 61 in Barcelona, and SAP Mentors contributed over 350 hours of content at these two events combined. The limited edition badges for the Catch-a-Mentor and Know-a-Mentor missions made the experience that much more fun! Take a look at all the selfies SAP TechEd attendees have posted already of their encounters with SAP Mentors.

Now that I've posted a selfie for my Catch-a-Mentor badge, this blog post is to ensure I get my Know-a-Mentor badge as well! :lol: I do have a slight advantage, since my new role is to lead the SAP Mentor Program, and I was fortunate to attend both SAP TechEds in Las Vegas and Barcelona this year. Here's what I learned from just some of the many SAP Mentors I met:

  • chris.kernaghan - Roll up your sleeves and pitch in.
  • graham.robinson - Life and work can still balance on top of success.
  • martin.lang - The importance of improving by doing retrospectives.
  • tom.cenens - It takes courage to walk a path different than others.
  • aslan.noghre-kar2 - How to be welcoming (and look classy in a Mentors shirt and sports jacket :smile: )
  • chris.paine3 - Value of asking a good question at the right time.
  • jelena.perfiljeva - Take a moment to reflect.
  • markus.theilen - Timing is important.
  • alessandro.iannacci - Take joy in participation.
  • tammy.powlas3 - Stay current.
  • chris.rae - Passion for technology and education can lead to pleasure.
  • eric.vallo - Setting priorities.
  • masayuki.sekihara - Try something new.
  • julia.dorbic2 - Keeping the conversation going.
  • yariv.zur - How employees can still give SAP critical feedback.
  • jocelyn.dart - Document and follow-up. Check!
  • r.eijpe - Follow up and clarify.
  • karin.tillotson2 - Care about who you are and what you stand for.
  • roel.vandenberge - Learn through sharing.
  • bryan.enochs - Karma from altruism.
  • jitendrakumar.kansal - How a positive attitude can open doors.
  • ingo.hilgefort - Importance of having an opinion.
  • peter.langner2 - How to be a good host.
  • phil.loewen2 - How to groom a full beard 🙂 …and how to establish presence.
  • steve.rumsby - Practice what you preach.
  • florian.henninger - Being proud of who you are.
  • leonardo.araujo - Keep improving and collaborating.
  • thorstenster - Sharing means caring.
  • raquel.seville - Learn from the best.
  • simha.magal - Role model the right behaviour.
  • oliver.schreiber - Build a strong network.
  • tammy.powlas3 - Be responsive (and responsible).
  • gregor.wolf - Be helpful to others.
  • gareth.ryan2 - Importance of being grateful and humble.
  • matt.harding - Be an expert at what you like to do.
  • owen.pettiford3 - He's actually from UK, not Australia… how to step-in and step-up.
  • christian.braukmller4 - How to build community.
  • dj.adams - Making yourself accessible to others.
  • marilyn.hazen - Look into the eyes of the person you're speaking to.
  • mark.teichmann - Share your passion.
  • se38 - A little candy is a nice gesture - a lot of candy is a lot nicer.
  • fred.verheul - Straight talk and honesty
  • renald.wittwer - Be thoughtful.
  • r.konijnenburg - Follow through on your commitments.
  • frank.koehntopp - Share your ideas.
  • ivan.femia - How to have fun.
  • raquel.pereiradacunha - How to build a good reputation.

Like I said, there were lots of Mentors at TechEd this year, and I'm only listing some of the many I met and spoke with. Honestly, in the process of learning about them, I've also learned much from them, and more about myself. I guess that's the true value of mentorship. Thanks Mentors!

You don’t have to be at SAP TechEd to meet a SAP Mentor - join one of the local meetups or SAP Inside Tracks in your area hosted by SAP Mentors and Mentor Alumni to catch up and get to know our SAP Mentors.