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The webcast was today. Thanks to jason.cao for producing, catherine.neergaard and caroleigh.deneen for presenting.  Replay/recording is here:


Source: SAP


Source: SAP

Over 4K registered

Targeting over 5,500


Source: SAP

Register early

Giving away hoodies

Register Sunday/Monday


On Monday ASUG pre-conference sessions


Lunch is from 11-2 - delivering hot lunch on the show floor...a great draw


Networking reception from 6-8 on Tuesday


5K fun run is on Wednesday


Celebration is at Caesar's; outside


Source: SAP

Floor plans

Level 2 - show floor

Level 3 - lecture

Level 5 - keynote


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Assisted registration or self registration

Pick up your hoodie



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New is graphic novels


More charge up stations

Fun vibes


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2 talk theaters on show floor

Developer Garage


Community lounge and presentations



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"Conversation areas"



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Partners, community lounge


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Most important place - cafe


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Learning Journeys are consistent with the SAP Learning Hub

Access to Learning Hub content beyond SAP TechEd

(nice offer)


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Meet up sessions on Level 1

No bag or water bottle

Food is on the show floor

Soft seating areas

Bistro tables


How does signing up for meetup lounges work? No need to sign up - add to agenda, show up, it is informal, topic assigned, leader assigned.  No presentations


Will there also be a selection of recorded sessions out in the open for everyone (not only attendees) to watch? Like in previous years? Yes


Q: How similar will the experience be in EMEA compared to LV as described?

A: there are bistro tables in the meal areas where you will have the opportunity to stay, unwind and have lunch meetings. There areas are expected to be available even beyond the meal time hours.


There are also multiple relax / recharge areas scattered about on the show floor.

Hoodies in BCN as well (slightly different, but still solid black with TechEd logo).


Source: SAP

Missions and badges


Explorer mission is new



Source: SAP


Earn a badge/bling

See Enter to win a ticket to SAP TechEd 2018! | Developer mission


Source: SAP


These are manual mission uploads, so thank you for your patience.

Great suggestion on the power strip - it's also a great way to make friends when you allow others to share the outlets!

For me, critical has been bringing a USB charging battery, a big one, because if you tweet, etc, a lot during the day, your phone loses battery much faster.

In the past sessions had 3 levels (coded by session id's, 100s, 200s and 300s). This year we have 4 levels. How do these relate to prev year's levels?
Explore, Learn, Build, Expand


What did I miss?
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