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Well done on being selected by your company to attend d-Code.

It is an expensive few days out of the office so the fact that you’re going means your company are confident that you will get the real benefit from the event. 

No matter which city you are attending (Amsterdam, Vegas or Bangalore) you will be amazed by the scale of the operation, but don't let that slow you down, or throw you back.

This blog will aim to give you an overview of how to take as much as possible from d-Code.


If possible, be there early to attend the InnoJam - - Here, you will be given the opportunity to team up with fellow SAP partners / Customers and even SAP mentors to create an application in 30 hours. You could be working through the night and SAP will provide you with the food and drink to keep you fuelled for what is truly a great bit of fun. The best solution / App will go forward to compete at DemoJam during d-Code.


If there is one evening activity you go to at d-Code make sure it’s DemoJam.   Customer and Partners of SAP submit application proposals months in advance of d-Code and the best 6 are chosen to compete to become the winner of the highly regarded DemoJam Title. Entries vary enormously and have included an Automatic Beer allowance for a night club, to virtual shopping malls interacting with SAP. To give you a feel for what to expect, here is the 2011 DemoJam video -

Hands on Sessions

You will notice that you are allocated only 2 technical sessions per d-Code entry. This may seem limiting, but remember, most sessions are run twice over the course of the week, and not all courses are full allocated. If you do spot another hands on session that you would like to attend, be outside the room 10 - 15 minutes before it starts. You will see a nice SAP employee writing names down of people wanting to take the session. Any empty spaces will be filled with people from the waiting list. To put it into perspective, I managed to get into 7 technical sessions at Teched in 2010 Las Vegas. (So it is possible)


Technical sessions at d-Code are great (they give you a hands on approach to the technologies that we will all be using before the year is out), but the Lectures and seminars are not to be over looked. Some of the best sessions at d-Code are those that tell success stories, how something was implemented, how a tool was used in an unusual way, or simply how SAP provided a business with a solution to a long lasting problem.

Also ensure you take in the sessions on future technologies and potential R&D projects that SAP are working on. Whilst I was at SAP I attended a 2 Hour session on Project Phoenix, which I think was the springboard to the SAP UI5 we are all using today. -

Make sure you study the list of sessions available, and try to visit as many as possible

Las Vegas Catalogue -

Amsterdam Catalogue -

Bangalore Catalogue -

Little Extra Bits

Last but not least, other things to be aware of whilst you are there.

  • Mingle! Don't sit on your own at  lunch and during sessions
  • Afternoon snacks - it took me till day 3 to realise they were putting soft drinks and cookies in the hall way after lunch!
  • Music - There is usually a Band playing (This year in Vegas its Imagine Dragons)
  • Keynote - Don't skip it!
  • If you see the CompriseIT bunch, buy them a drink :smile:

If it is your first time, you will be overwhelmed by the scale of the operation and the vast amount of content there is too see, SAP Events really do a great job at providing an easy, fun and informative week.

Have a great time at d-Code and make the most of an amazing  experience.