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So, SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2015 is the first time that I have attended a TechEd. I was really pleased and happy to spent the last couple of days with so much knowledge. As a BI/BO consultant I am always hungry for more knowledge. Therefor the trip to Vegas didn't start with flying from Amsterdam to it, but started weeks before that. Planning the trip, finding out what more to do in the Vegas area, but also getting the schedule sorted for all the lectures, work shops and QA sessions. The first things, practical stuff, was easy, but getting the schedule sorted was more work.

(My schedule for TechEd, where I also added backup sessions.)

Bryce Park

After saying goodbye of my wife and sun (4 year old), I got on the plane from Amsterdam to Seattle last Thursday. After a delayed flight to Las Vegas, I finally arrived there late in the afternoon. My first plan was to travel out of the state. I would be staying in Utah and visit the Bryce park in one of the next day and do some more sight seeing before heading back to vegas on Sunday and spent time there with some colleagues that will also be attending TechEd. If you are ever in the Vegas/Utah area make sure to visit Bryce park. It is really amazing. Unfortunately my trip to Grand Canyon got cancelled because of thunder storms in the area.

Me in Bryce Park.

TechEd day 1 - Monday October 19

On the first day of TechEd we took a quiet day visiting the strip during the day and having some nice lunch. Around 4pm we went to the Venetian/Palazzo in order to hear the Keynote of Steve Lucas. That was a lot of fun and very interesting with also a sneak peak at SAP Cloud for Analytics. After a nice meal at the Palazzo, we went back to the hotel.

Teched day 2 - Tuesday October 20

This day started for me with a 9 o'clock key note from Bernd Leukert. For me the most interesting part of this key note was off course the SAP Cloud for Analytics and the Future Board room.

Ian Kimbell presenting in his Future Board room.

After this session I went on the showroom and started at the developer garage. Note to myself to add in SAP Idea Place: Build more software for Mac OS :grin: . After that frustrating session where I for the first time said that I would rather prefer a Windows laptop (wash my mouth...), I went to visit some booths on the Show floor. After the lunch the first session started. TEC160 is a 4 hour workshop where you can learn all about the different SAP tools; SAP Lumira, SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, smart data streaming, the Internet of Things, SAP HANA development, ABAP, core data services, OData, SAPUI5, SAP Screen Personas, and UI theme designer.. That was such an interesting session where you get really nice hands on experience with a lot of tools. Time was to short.

After receiving an email from DataGenius Viz-a-Thon during the day and a tweet from SAP Analytics we decided to go to the Viz-a-Thon and help out the team of Made in a free world. This non-profit organization exists of 5 persons that are doing there best to get Slavery out of this world. After teaming up with pieter.verstraeten and julien.delvat2 we came up with a really nice story implementing the data from UN and combining that with the laptop data coming from Made in a free world. Julien wanted to use the Sankey Diagram and with help of Dong Pan he/we pulled it of:

After a nice presentation we were really content with our visualizations. We helped Made in a free world and got a lot of extra knowledge building in Lumira. So win-win.

Teched day 3 - Wednesday October 21

This day had a lot of break out sessions, where I have checked out several sessions about BW7.5 and Business Objects. I also spent time in the afternoon on the Show Floor, where I had some conversations with the people from Cloud for Analytics. I was also able to built some Fiori and UI5 apps, so that also was a nice experience. Unfortunatly due to circumstances I wasn't able to go

Teched day 4 - Thursday October 22

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