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The ideal award show to meet up with your favorite SCN Community Members is the SCNotty Award show. SAP TechED Madrid is coming up soon and that means a SCNotty award show will be hosted.

The idea is to create a 30 second video. In that video you can tell something about yourself or you can show an aspect of yourself or you can do something humorous or you can go all out and crazy, it doesn't really matter as long as it means something for you and you want to share it with others.

To pursuade some more community members to enter the SCNotty Award Show, the most logical thing to do, is create my own SCNotty entry (I won't be competing for the award(s) though since I will be co-hosting the show.

<EDIT>After Fred's nice comment, I decided to create a new SCNotty video. Minutes after the comment I went out to create this SCNotty video, I captured the video myself using my iPhone and edited the pieces together using Splice (cost a few dollars in App store)

Once it was done, I send it to my e-mail and uploaded it to youtube.

fred.verheul this is typically me, I pick something up and I do something with it, minutes after it reached me :grin:

Hope you like this one better :wink:


Once that's done, insert the link of your video on the wiki page on SCN along with your details and voila "You are in the contest!"

If you want to get more inspiration, you can check out the SCNotty videos of the previous year(s) by searching SCN on "SCNotty awards or SCNotties SAP TechED".

I shall not rest! Together we stand strong!

Evil plans are in the making :twisted: - to be continued...

See you at the show!