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Design Thinking Workshop to Enhance Women's Contribution in a Professional Environment

This evening an invitation went out to a good number of SAP TechEd attendees in Bangalore inviting them to participate in the Bangalore version of the “Embracing Inclusion – Driving Innovation” event.  Some of the themes of the 7 billion actions initiative will be linked to the Design Thinking Workshop.

The themes the local team chose to work on include:

  1. How might we increase women’s contribution in software development projects that use technology to enhance education.
  2. How might we increase women participation in initiatives that would employ technology to provide access to better health services.
  3. How might we make gender differences in software development and collaboration a business advantage (the role of women in development)
  4. How might we use social media to improve organizational change management during challenging times?

The invitation reads:

You are invited to attend a special seminar and workshop being offered during SAP TechEd on Thursday, October 20th from 17:00 PM until 21:45 PM held at SAP TechEd Bangalore.

This year, for the first time, Women in Technology @ SAP will host an interactive evening event around innovation and inclusiveness with the goal of generating ideas and concepts to address questions such as: “What are the challenges facing the creation of an inclusive and diverse talent pool in technology innovation projects?”

A workshop facilitated by Lakshman Pachineela Seshadri will introduce Design Thinking.

Design thinking is an approach to innovation. It lets us discover opportunities, inspire potentials, and create successful products that meet human needs, add business value, and are technically feasible.

The event is set up for 30 participants and welcomes men and women registered to SAP TechEd and is scheduled from 17:00 PM to 21:45 PM on Thursday, October 20th at the KTPO Trade Center in the Global Communications Center on the second floor of the venue. Dinner and Transportation (after the event) included.

If you are interested in attending participating in FULL in this special event, please fill out the attached Googledoc


17:30 – 17:35 Welcome -

17:35  – 17:45 Introduction  of 7  Billion Initiative –jeanne.carboni/blog

17:45  - 17:55 Design Thinking – Introduction  - Lakshman Pachineela

17:55 – 18:00 Introducing the Design Challenges  - Workshop Begins

18:00  - 18:30 Understanding and Observation

18:30 -  19:00 Synthesis

19:00 – 19:30 Ideation

19:30 – 20:00 Prototyping

20:00 – 20:20 Validation

20:20 – 20:40 Refinement

20:40 – 21:40 Presentation

21:40 – 21:45 Closure

(a special thanks to the local team driving this effort: Archana Sahay, employee of SAP for the past 5 years. Responsible for corporate giving, volunteering activities and sustainability efforts for APJ, Lakshman Pachinella,  of the SAP Service Innovation group who is orchestrating the Design Thinking workshop,  Priyanka Porwal a developer and community member and a woman in Technology, and my own collaboration team-mate: SAP Drinks its own Champagne when it comes to SCN Reporting )