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SAP’s community has been key to what makes SAP tick since the early days of online communities themselves. From the start, we’ve welcomed great content from anyone who has had something to contribute.  But it’s not just content we spotlight on the SAP Community Network.

It’s people.

On my very best days throughout many years at SAP, I’ve had the privilege to work deeply with the wildly diverse SAP community, become an SAP Mentor and get to know this group of incredible humans, and find connections throughout the world because of people related to and working with SAP. This is what the SAP community is all about.

When you take the time to express your own personal spark, that thing which is you and nobody else but you, here on the SAP Community Network or anywhere else, you share a great gift that the world would have otherwise missed.  SAP CEO Bill McDermott refers to this as “the unique magic of every individual.”

In appreciation of your contributions and your unique selves, we search for active and passionate contributors every year near the time of SAP’s premier tech conference and we offer you the chance to present your very best at SAP TechEd.  This year has been no different, and I have been honored together with SAP Mentor tammy.powlas3

Moya Watson works as a Product Manager on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform team at SAP.

She has been working in the software industry in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1991. Since 2001 at SAP, she has been forging innovative approaches to communication of all kinds, from standard documentation to technical documentation to collaborative experimental platforms to talking about products to people she maybe doesn't even know.

In her spare time at SAP, she co-leads Pride@SAP USA, the LGBT employee network.

If you see her at TechEd you might ask if she could make you a sazerac.

Moya has co-led the curation of these sessions together with Tammy Powlas.

At TechEd you will probably be able to visit her in an expert networking session on a random topic, or find her at the HANA Cloud Platform areas on the show floor.