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The SAP TechEd session catalog for Las Vegas (September 24-27) went live last week, and it is a great time to be planning to attend SAP TechEd Las Vegas in October. SAP's 2011 an "SCN Executive Handbook" says:
In-person events augment, deepen and strengthen community member relationships with each other and with SAP while providing a platform and venue for information exchange, education and market influencing thought leadership

I would say SAP TechEd fits this description.  Mark Yolton, formerly of SAP, called it the "SAP Community family reunion".

Please consider adding the following SAP Community and Influencer sessions to your schedule (note this includes current SAP Mentors, SAP Mentor Alumni and SAP Technology Ambassadors):


Session Speaker Details



Lessons Learned Deploying SAP Fiori UX at Scale for 1,300 Apps Globally

5cea1755d05648198f37ee2c4c14eede A greenfield implementation of SAP S/4HANA for one of SAP’s long-time customers demanded a modern, user-experience-centric (UX) approach based on SAP Fiori UX. Yet deploying over 1,300 apps to users in more than 50 countries proved quite a challenge. Join this session for a full-stack view of our solution to this challenge, covering hosting infrastructure, network optimization, personalization of SAP Fiori launchpad, custom app development, and related topics.


SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP BW/4HANA: Influence Session
ingo.hilgefort In this session, attendees will learn more about the influence opportunity for ASUG Members for the SAP Analytics Cloud solution integration with the SAP Business Warehouse application and SAP BW/4HANA solution.


Deployment Options with Business Continuity for SAP HANA (HA and DR)


The SAP HANA platform runs critical customer workloads; therefore, it needs to be protected against failure. This session provides an overview of available high-availability (HA) and disaster-recovery (DR) options and then takes a deep dive into two of the most common options for deploying SAP HANA (host auto-failover and system replication) and how to take these options into consideration for your landscape.


Data Archiving and Why is it Important?

karin.tillotson4 Have you started archiving your SAP data? If not, attend this session to learn why it is important. Hear about the benefits of data archiving and the risks your business may face if you do not archive.


Bridging the DevOps Gap in ABAP and Hybrid Cloud Landscapes
db48526ccb71414183a64aa46e31e784 Learn how customers approach the DevOps principles of collaboration, communication, automation, tooling, resiliency, and transparency in SAP landscapes – both on-premise ABAP and hybrid cloud. In addition, find out about applying industry-standard technology, process, and practice to your landscape to improve the speed and quality of business value delivery. We cover agile process, using source control, CI/CD, fast change reversal, and managing new development versus support.
Hands-On with SAP Analytics Cloud: Professionally Designed Dashboards and Self-Service Business Inte... ingo.hilgefort This full day, hands-on workshop provides an overview of SAP Analytics Cloud and of its app-building capabilities. Attendees will learn what role SAP Analytics Cloud and its app-building capabilities can play as part of the overall SAP landscape and how these can integrate with existing on-premise and cloud-based data sources. You will have the opportunity to work directly with SAP Analytics Cloud and app-building features, in combination with SAP Business Warehouse and SAP HANA, to create a variety of dashboards.  Note this is an ASUG pre-conference session on September 23rd and additional fees apply -- see this for more information.


Simplify Your Enterprise with Microservice Architecture
dipankar.saha3 Learn how microservice acts as a new architecture paradigm to support the extension and development of flexible and loosely coupled applications in hybrid-cloud landscapes using the agile delivery approach. Hear how different industry use cases related to IoT, ML, and blockchain can be implemented following the microservice architecture on SAP Cloud Platform by leveraging various services, such as enterprise messaging, functions, and solution lifecycle management. and how DevOps can be applied.


Building Mobile Applications with the Mobile Development Kit from SAP
Alisdair Templeton

Join the session focusing on ways the mobile development kit from SAP provides a new take on hybrid mobile application development. Applications are developed with SAP Web IDE using a WYSIWYG editor, business logic based on JavaScript, and service generation and data binding based on OData. This approach allows for a higher level of abstraction in the development phase, meaning a wider group can participate in the build phase, including developer, business process expert and end user.


ASUG Influence: SAP Application Design in the Cloud
Tammy Powlas Learn and be heard: Join this interactive influence session with SAP and give your feedback directly to SAP on application design in the cloud.


Bringing Intelligent Operations to the Management of SAP Landscapes


SAP technology has seen many changes within the products your Basis team has to manage. Within many customer areas, teams have not kept up with the scale or complexity of the change. Increasingly, pockets of expertise are forming within teams, and gaps are opening up around the support structures. When running a shared service, gaps in service are unacceptable, so this session shows how we have created an intelligent operations capability, leveraging a foundation of SAP Solution Manager and RPA.

SAP provides a convince your boss letter to download.  Explain that you will be a more valuable asset to your organization by attending SAP’s premier technical conference

At last year's SAP TechEd, SAP Mentor sessions were some of the top attended ASUG sessions at the event.  In fact, Graham Robinson's "Test-Driven Development with ABAP " was one of the top attended sessions and it was the last ASUG event at last year's conference.  I want to congratulate the SAP Mentor speakers above.

You can find session descriptions in the session catalog.  I want thank all the presenters for preparing this great content and thank everyone who wanted to present a session.  We had a record breaking year of submissions and it was not possible to select everyone.

Why should you consider ASUG sessions at SAP TechEd?  Michelle Crapo says in this blog :
ASUG sessions present things you can use immediately.

I want to bring one thing back and use it.    Anything.  Usually I find that in the ASUG run session

I encourage you to register today.  The SAP TechEd web site gives you reasons to attend - people, roadmaps, problem-solving, and education.  Also see Thorsten Franz's blog "Why I REALLY attend SAP TechEd"

Hat tip to  moyalynne  - I am liberally borrowing her phrase "embrace the magic".

See you there?  What did I miss?
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