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Hey All ,

                   This is my first blog and am very much excited to write my blog on my day 1 experience at SAP d-code . Well , before I could start , I believe that, you all are aware of SAP d-code. Our SAP TechEd has a radical transformation into SAP d-code from now.  

                   Being part of this first event , Is a kind of  feeling ,  which you will understand when you go through . :wink:

             Since am alone at that place as I recently joined with SAP Labs ,  I didn't made lot of pictures . You know how it feels when you are only one and had no company to share our joy and excitement . :neutral:

             Am sharing few of those pictures here , don't get disappointed , next time Ill make my best of it . :smile:   And here it goes,

Reached by office shuttle to B.I.E.C at 8;30 ,  and had my breakfast at food court . then ,

After getting in , The initial welcome address was started by Anirban Dey , the MD Sap Labs India , Which is very Impressive and followed by the key note from Vishal sikka , which is an Virtual Presentation .

And the is an interesting thing called ' Code your DNA ' is the Book , if am not wrong with its name... has launched by SAP executives .

Another key note from Bernd Leukert is excellent , and that customer experience which is been shared with us is amazing.

And One more interesting thing , From now SAP is tied up with IPL team KKR and a football team of Bangalore .

The above image is , Venky Mysore KKR CEO , has shared his few experiences with his team and ended up with how technology leader like SAP be useful for him . He even had a word  " I  wish , I  could sacrifice some key player and buy in SAP HANA  with that money :wink: ' .

Time for lunch and after that few sessions went on how HANA as a Platform and HANA as  a cloud can replace the  business needs and requirements in future in an efficient way .

SAP HANA with SAP FIORI gonna  be the best Business Suite Powered by SAP . There are lot more technical things which I can't keep on writing here , It takes lot of patience to read and write as well :razz:

Its evening 5, after collecting our SAP d-code Bags , has attended the 'DEMO JAM'  , I never witnessed the 'DEMO JAM' in live ever . There where total 8 participants and finally the award went for 'Image Processing powered by HANA by Prabhas kumar Samanta and Anup Ghata ..


Even though , every team has came with interesting stuff , which is very impressive but finally winner has to be one and they are Image processing guys.

Finally , last but not the least .. the Bollywood singer 'Shaan' has entertained everyone with his songs !

So , Its a nice day finally .  Love this

Note : Since this is my first blog , if I mention something wrong , Please do consider it as a newbie work . Suggestions are accepted :smile:

Regards ,

Shiv .