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First I considered to call the blog "Innovation Without Disruption Through Transformation in Today's Business Landscape" . This is a very bad name for a blog. And even worse for a D-Code keynote. That’s why Steve Lucas, the global president of the SAP Platform Solutions Group, gave up on that one, together with over-hyped “Age of Machines” and others. This year’s D-Code/TechEd opening keynote focused on the unification, simplification and openness, synchronized with the SAPPHIRE keynote by SAP CEO Bill McDermott earlier this year.

The keynote was full with announcements and guest appearances (Flextronics CTO, Dr. Eric Volkerink, and MongoDB head of Global Channels, Vijay Vijayasankar, are just couple to mention). What kept the whole show electrifying, in addition to the super energetic appearance of Steve Lucas, were almost dozen of the live demos.

As a part of Co-Innovaion Center Israel, I am proud to be on the team delivering two of those demos - EarlySense (“Sleep Well, Live Well”) and Edyn (“Texting Plants”). Those are examples of the new wave of the IoT startups adopting SAP HCP as the reliable partner to conquer the consumers market.

Few words about EsrlySense: EarlySense is medical technology company with unique sensor signal processing know-how.  It’s technology and system covered by extensive patents and FDA approvals and based on the massive experience in hospital bed monitoring: over 100K patients monitored, over 5M monitoring hours in hospitals and patient homes in North America, Europe. After succeeding in hospitals, EarlySense has decided to address consumer wellness market.

Our collaboration with EarlySense around SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Portal is only natural, since HCP is a global scaleable platform-as-a-service , and provides easily extensible SAP UI5 based web and mobile-ready client, reliable access control mechanisms, out-of-the-box backend connectivity to SuccessFactors. This exactly what we have shown in the demo: the existing measures (heart rate, respiration, movement) coming from EarlySense are enriched with the meteorological data. Now there is indication of the temperature and humidity in the user’s location, next to the vital signals, and the user can see the effect of the weather conditions on his health

          Of course, we were pretty stressed out about the network connection during the keynote, since the demonstrations were done live on the productive HANA Cloud Portal instances powered by HANA Cloud Platform, analyzing measured data in real time. But it worked fine (note to the organizers- please prepare additional Wi-Fi network for a backup next time so we could also sleep well before the keynote):

The demonstration of Edyn, smart agri sensor solution, running the same way on the HCP, using the same template is EarlySense, emphasized the fact how generic and standard HCP is: with a couple hours of effort,  production-ready web solution (SAP UI5) was prepared and launched to monitor a real garden far away from the vibrant Vegas.

     See you all next year @SAPTD-D-Code