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Community Advocate
Community Advocate
We are very excited to announce Call for Proposals for Community Talks at SAP TechEd Bangalore! Community Talks are 20-minute-sessions (plus additional 5-8 minutes for Q&A afterwards) where speakers have the opportunity to talk about their SAP career journey, lessons learned during SAP-related projects or tasks, tips they can share with their peers or how to build their brand in the community.

This means, we want to hear from you, submitting your talks supporting one of the following session categories (Please note that the overview of categories below is the same description which craig.cmehil shared in his Call for Submissions for SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Barcelona😞

Moving to the Cloud: the journey to the Cloud can seem overwhelming but with stories like yours to help demystify the process, the move can be a little easier. Share your experience and insights regarding cloud strategies and their impact on the business, best practices for ‘moving to the cloud’ implementation projects, integration tips and tricks, etc.

Innovating with Big Data: everyone has data but, what are you doing with it? Explore the world of data-driven applications, analyzing vast amounts of data and getting insights and actionable information to the right decision makers in real time. Furthermore, talk about streaming data and applying machine learning algorithms as you dwell into the next frontier for innovation.

Building your brand: whether you’re new to the community or a seasoned member, you can stand out and be recognized by fellow peers for your knowledge, efforts in building your local community, collaborating with others, and more. This is an opportunity for you to share your journey in building recognition in the community and offer guidance and advise for community members that may be thinking about this but don’t know how to start or go about it.

Upskilling as a developer: relevant training and development is a good way to stay on top of the game. But, how are you finding out valuable training opportunities? Do you have a ‘training plan’ or career path that you are following to get you to the next level? What are you doing to upskill as you venture into new technologies? Tell us about your experience as you work on advancing your skills and expanding your career opportunities.

Mindfulness, empathy and emotional intelligence: for many, these are strange concepts and words that seem out of place in the technology world. Your insights and personal experiences in these areas can help others understanding how these practices can help improve the work environment and have a positive impact on your personal and professional lives.


Here is how to submit your session:

Please submit your session here by completing following required information:

  • Session Category

  • Session Title (max. 75 characters incl. spaces)

  • Session Abstract: (max. 500 characters incl. spaces)

  • Your SAP Community Profile Link

  • Already registered to SAP TechEd Bangalore 2019? (Yes/No)

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Job Title

  • Company

  • SAP Partner? (Yes/No)

  • SAP Customer? (Yes/No)

Submissions with missing information will not be considered. I highly recommend reading Craig’s blog post, as he shares great tips for your submissions.

Please submit your session by sending an email with above information to if the submit button doesn't work for you!

The Call for Submission closes November 1st, 2019. Submissions, which we receive after that date, won’t be considered.

You will be informed by us about the final decision between November 4-8th.

SAP TechEd Bangalore will take place November 13-15, 2019. Thousands of people are visiting SAP's premier technical conference every year to learn more and to stay up-to-date and successful in their jobs they fulfill. Attendees get the chance to deep dive into more than 600 sessions to expand their knowledge. There are many reasons why to attend SAP TechEd, but one of the greatest things to do is meeting with peers, exchanging experiences while mingling with the SAP community.

Travel expenses are not being covered by SAP TechEd, but selected session speakers will receive a Lecture-only-conference-pass for free.

Check out which Community Talks were on the agenda for SAP TechEd Las Vegas, and upcoming Community Talks in Barcelona.

We look forward to your submissions!